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By April Small | Oct 12, 2012


Church fair

There will be a Candy Cane Community Christmas Fair on Saturday, Oct. 27, from 9 a.m. to 1 the Monroe Community Church, 28 West Main St. (Route 139). There will be the usual arts and crafts (sewing, knitting, crocheting, ornaments, etc.) located in the Candy Cane Forest. The Candy Cane Cafe' will have some groovy items to enjoy with your coffee and at lunch time. A takeout service will begin at 9 a.m. from the Cafe'. The Cozy Kitchen tables will be filled with cookies, bars, breads, fudge, pies, preserves, etc. for all to buy. The Reindeer Raffle tree is back. If you have never been before, come and enjoy the atmosphere as nothing like the "traditional church fair" of the past.

Indoor flea market resumes

It is once again time for the weekly flea market to resume at the Redman Hall on 153 Main St., Belfast. They are held every Saturday throughout the winter. Tables are available for rent. Fees are reasonable and proceeds go to cover the cost of operating the hall, as well as the support of other lodge activities. Vendors are allowed entry at 5 a.m., and the doors open for shoppers at 7 a.m.. Breakfast and lunch are available at the M&M Cafe' at very reasonable prices. For details and to reserve your table call 505-5939.

Thank you

Clifton and Phyllis Grant of Jackson would like to thank their daughter, Gloria Orcutt, and their granddaughter, April Small, for having an open house at their home to celebrate their 70th anniversary. Thanks also go out Becky Porter for her help as well.

Clifton would like to thank Mike Michaud, Joe Brooks and Mike Thibodeau for the medals and plaques presented to him. They were long overdue from his service in New Guinea during World War II.

They had a lovely day and enjoyed visiting with their friends and neighbors. They also thank everyone who sent cards and gifts.Thanks again for making their anniversary a memorable occasion.

On a personal note

It is clearly getting close to that time of year that many of us have simply started calling "the broke time of year." Cold is upon us and snow is just around the corner. Last year we were spoiled by having a less-than-typical winter with only a handful of storms over the entire season. I am afraid we will not be given that gift this year. I just had 50 gallons of oil delivered to try to make it until that time when the government argues about what they think they can afford to take away from the defense budget to keep its own citizens from freezing. These past few years we, the barely existing poor, have been cut from $500 or more in 2008, when oil was $2 a gallon. Last year, when oil was anywhere from $3.50 to $4.25 a gallon, we received on average $400, which barely covered 100 gallons, and in many cases put our local oil companies on the spot to deliver less than their standard minimum delivery amount without charging their usual $25 small delivery charge. Or, as many families did, they were forced to take monies budgeted for food or other daily needs in order to cover the minimum delivery amount.

It is a sad day in our country when it is more important to the people in Washington that they pay for wars in countries that have come to the point of not wanting us involved in their civil wars and have even started attacking our embassies in response to our unwanted involvement. Please take into consideration who has their priorities straight when placing your vote this November. Remember that in the recent presidential debate that the man running against our current president stated that if elected he plans to increase our defense spending and cut funding to social services, such as L.H.E.A.P. and Medicare.

Also, the men running for office this year will put the rights of women once again on the back burner by speaking out against abortion and the rights of women to choose what they want done to their bodies. Also the ultra-right-wing conservative views of the candidates will set back the progress made by the lesbian and gay rights groups by taking a stand against gay marriage, as well as social and community equality under the law. Their support of the Catholic church, as well as the influence of the candidates' personal religious choice, is undeniable.

I will get down off my soap box now and just hope that people get out and make their wishes known, instead of taking the stand that the results are already determined.

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Posted by: carolyn thomas | Oct 14, 2012 19:53

I use to like reading the individual stories for the town I grew up and currently reside in.  But to throw a plug for the elections.  Pay the paper to take out an add!  

Joel Thomas


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