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By April Small | Dec 21, 2012

Library News

The Monroe Library’s History Committee invites everyone to check out the new display of family history donations in the history display case located just inside the lobby of the Town Hall. This month’s display is the second in a series that highlights recent donations from Monroe families to the town’s History Archives. The items on display this month are from the late 19th Century and are from the David Robbins family. They range from the ornate Certificate of Marriage of David’s maternal great grandparents to an 1897 diary of a distant cousin who besides being a farmer was also both the Town Constable and Monroe Tax Collector. Various financial receipts recently discovered by Jackie Robbins also reveal some interesting details of late nineteenth century economic life in Monroe. The history displays change regularly, so don’t forget to check out the case just to the right of the lobby doors next time you visit the town hall to renew your car license or buy tags for your dog.

American Legion News

The membership of Argonne Post # 138 of the American Legion is pleased to announce that membership will be free to all WWII vets who are residents of Frankfort, Monroe and Winterport from this date forward. Please contact Ben at 525-4435 or Phil at 223-2519.

Holiday Wishes

I hope all have a Happy Holidays and wonderful New Year. It is so hard to believe we about to start another year. I have to say 2012 has gone by extremely fast for my family. We have had a great deal of change to adjust to and for me and mine transition has been hard but we are adjusting. I have been disabled for a number of years but this my husband was forced to finally confront his health issues and in record time(less than 5 months) applied for and was awarded his disability. So now we are a family on an income that is fixed permanently. In the current economy with a 12 year-old child surviving with day to day living is tough. So Holidays are different this year and for the first time in 12 years we actually did not even put up an actual tree because presents consisted of needs not wants like winter coat and boots, mittens,hat and all the fixings for Christmas dinner. But we have a warm house and full bellies so no complaints or regrets.

On a Personal Note

I would like to send my personal prayers to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. My emotions have run the gamete from horror to exasperation. I hope and pray that we as a country put our collective minds together and realize that it is finally too much and time to act accordingly. Our constitutional rights aside what about the mounting number of innocent victims and their rights.

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