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By Fran Gonzalez | Aug 29, 2014

My oldest son, Isaac is turning twelve today. Happy Birthday Iseetoes. Ily! I remember at twelve going to a bowling party and eating pizza with… mushrooms for the first time! It was fantastic! Always have fun and don't be afraid to try something new. You might learn something about yourself along the way.

Bits and Pieces
-The Town Office will be closed on Monday September 1st (Labor Day)

-There will be no Selectmen’s meeting on Monday September 1

-This Wednesday is the last -Wednesday for the Transfer Station for this year. Saturday hours will remain the same (8-4)

-Clark’s Corner Scrap, on Route 3, is now open for business. "Buying autos, and all types of metals, top dollar paid." Hours are Monday through Friday 7:30-4, Saturday 7:30-3. Any questions you can call 589-4354.

-There will be a free rabies clinic, Saturday Sept 27, at the Thorndike Fire Station, from 9-11 am. It is free to all Waldo County Residents. Please have your dog on a leash and cats in a carrier.

The Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance (SWLA) Annual Meeting and Climate Change talk will be held on September 7th at the Liberty Community Hall (Rr 220 next to Dave's World) from 4:30 - 6:00 pm. There will be a  talk by University of Maine professor emeritus George Jacobson – Records of Long-term Climate Change Provide Surprising Clues About Our Modern World. George will focus on how local and regional land conservation can help address climate change. All are welcome. For more information contact Anna at or 589-3230.

Free Disposal of banned, unusable pesticides.
This free disposal program is open to homeowners, family-owned farms and greenhouses. Collection will occur at sites located in Presque Isle, Bangor, Augusta and Portland. To qualify, people must register by September 26, 2014. To register, get details, and learn important information about the temporary storage and transportation of obsolete pesticides, go to the Board of Pesticide Control Web site at , or call 207-287-2731.

You might have heard that the highly contested Cake-Off at this year's Montville Field Day was spectacular contest to witness! Here to give us the all the results is field correspondent and Cake-Off coordinator Hannah Hatfield.

Montville's Championship Cake-Off was held on 8/9/14 at the annual Montville  Field Day.  In order to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Cake-Off,  we made it  an Extraordinary Championship Event! All contestants had to have been first, second, or third place winners in any of the previous Montville Cake-Offs. It was a terrific day with 8 award winning bakers presenting a varied (yes, motley!) array of cakes.

In the Most Beautiful component of the championship competition, the results are as follows:`
3rd Place: Debi Stephens and Ellie Peaslee, with their extremely colorful (crayon in crayon hues!), scalloped, gravity-defying layer cake.
2nd Place: Janelle Thornley and Dash Albright with their exquisite dahlia-topped chocolate chip cake.
1st Place: Laura Hatfield with an intricate multi-colored mandala pattern atop the white chocolate layer of her mousse tort cake (oh my!).

For the all important Best Tasting Cake, the results are:
2nd Place Tie between:
Debi Stephens and Ellie Peaslee with the aforementioned crayola inspired extravaganza cake;
And Hadriane Hatfield who created, apparently moments before the event (and under an alias),  her Short Golden Raspberry Buttermilk Cake, with Lemon Glaze.
And 1st place Champion of the 10th Anniversary Cake Off is...drum roll please....Laura Hatfield: Cake Baker Extraordinaire!

Prizes included silver plated servers, linens, Good Table Gift Certificates, CASH, and the champion also received the prestigious "Montville Cake-Off #1 Champion" bumper sticker!

Notoriety also goes to the other award winner bakers who presented fantastic cakes. They were:
Bernice Nadler (who is an award winner in everything she cooks) with a German Chocolate Cake (with frosting that was awesome even scooped up off the table cloth...I happen to know!)
Karen York (Cheese Cake Grand Master) with a Chocolate Caramel Bliss cake.
Chris Melanson (who can make outrageously great cakes, I have found, even in other countries where all the ingredients are a little different, if around at all!) made a delightful and impossible to stop eating German Apple Cake.
And Jen Gunderman-King, who's competitive spirit has upped the anti for each cake-off from the beginning, came with a chocolate frosted caramel layer cake. And attitude.

I'd like to extend a rich, sweet and sticky thank you to all the bakers from over the last decade who participated in the cake-off. I had no idea what fun it could be and what baking talent my neighbors possess...your secret is out now!!

I'd also like to extend an even more sticky thank you to ALL the judges, cake cutters and peripheral helpers. They have shown a profound commitment to community service and to the subtleties of frosting and texture and divine yumminess throughout the years.

Stay tuned for more baking events to come!
Your humble, and now heavier, Cake-Off coordinator,
Hannah Hatfield
[a disclaimer for those who noticed that some of the winners share my last name, I have never been a judge for a cake off so cannot be held responsible for any fame my cake baking relatives may be burdened by.] [I also have never been a contestant, and for that the judges should be thankful!]

That's about it for this week. If you have news you would like me to include, or just let me know you read the column, send me an email or give me a call. My deadline for next week's edition is Friday at 10:00.

Until next time.

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