Moody Blues music TONIGHT 8-9pm  w/ Ananur Forma playing music that honors Sagittarius people. streaming online

By WRFR-LP Radio | Nov 29, 2012

"Positively Moody Blues," is the name of the radio show that is hosted by local Astrologer, Ananur Forma, since February 2009 on local grassroots radio in Rockland, Maine (USA east coast time zone) WRFR streaming online world wide!

you can tune in wherever you are.

Every Thursday from 8-9pm Ananur plays ONLY the music of the Moody Blues for one hour with a sprinkle of Astrological information. The Moody Blues are an extraordinary unique British Rock band from the sixties with hits you remember like, "Nights in White Satin," or Tuesday Afternoon," or "I know You're Out There Somehwere." or "In Your Wildest Dreams," just to name a few. The Moody Blues have been a touring band for years and years now, attracting old devoted fans and new ones who are being introduced to their timeless music.

Ananur makes a point of getting to their concerts and sitting in the 2nd row whenever she can. Ananur's favorite songs are,"The Actor,"   "Question,"  "Watching & Waiting," "Never Comes the Day," "My Song,"  "New Horizons,"  "Living in a Land of Make Believe,"   "What am I doing here?"   "Isn't Life Strange?"  and many more.........!


tonight Ananur will be playing songs by the Moody Blues which has to do with Sagittarius qualities and energies.


for your requests email Ananur


This program is sponsored by Peaceful Passages with Veterinary Doctor Robin Elms of Camden, Maine &  Stars Fine Jewelry & Gifts of Damariscotta,  also:  Van Steenberg & Associates of Rockport Maine.

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