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By Jordan M Bailey | Apr 04, 2014

by Mindy Rowlands


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Saturdays 8 a.m.-Noon

Easter Egg Hunt

Morrill Baptist Church will be holding its annual Easter Sunday services on April 20th. The order of the day is as follows:

7:30 Sunrise service at the top of Rowe Hill at Aaron and Lori Littlefield’s home

8:15 Breakfast at the church

8:45 Easter Egg Hunt at the Weymouth School playground

9:30 Easter Worship Service at the church

We want to welcome everyone to the services and encourage you to bring your children ages 0-10 for the Easter Egg Hunt. Have your children bring a bag for gathering Easter eggs. We hope to see you there.


I was surprised the other day to discover that spring seems to be arriving here on the midcoast. You wouldn’t know it if you came to our house, though. Our home is quite protected by trees and we still have 6 inches or more on the lawn and huge snowbanks everywhere. However, it is nice to see that when you drive down the road that the fields are clearing and the Mill Pond is thinning around the edges. It may not be the early spring like the ones we’ve enjoyed the past few years, but it does seem encouraging to know that spring may arrive before July. I spoke with my dad, who lives in Island Falls, and he said that there is over three feet of snow still at his house. He said that the ice is at least that thick on the lake, too. Hearing news like that makes me appreciate living here just a little more.

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