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By Dan West | May 16, 2014

By Mindy Rowlands


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School Budget Public Hearing

The annual school budget hearing will be held on Thursday, May 29 at 7:00 P.M. at the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast. Each year these hearings are held as an opportunity for the public to have input into how the school budget will be shaped and how much money will be approved for each individual part of the budget. After each budget hearing there is a referendum vote held in each town to either pass or fail the budget that was developed during the public hearing. Last year we had three budget hearings and three town votes before the budget finally passed. The biggest reason for this was that the opinions of the people that show up to the public hearing and shape the budget are not the same as the opinions of the people that show up to the polls to vote on the budget. This problem will only be solved if the people of this town take the time to attend the budget hearing and vote there as well as at the polls.

How much of your tax money you want to spend on the school budget is an individual choice, but your attendance at these public hearings is vital. This year’s proposed budget of $35,565,722.35 is $2,175,820.35 higher than last year’s budget. Morrill’s portion of that budget will be $773,686.82 which is an 8.8236% increase over last year’s budget.

Happy Birthday

A little birdie told me that Forest Harford has a birthday coming up. May 21 will be his 80th birthday. So, if you see Forest around town, be sure to wish him a very happy birthday.


The season has begun for the Morrill Mules Farm Team. As of this writing, we have had two games. Our first against Liberty was a win and our second against Searsmont was a loss; however, the improvement in our team from last year to this has been remarkable. It is also so nice to see a large group of kids from many different schools, homeschools, and backgrounds, many of whom have just recently met, working and playing together and supporting one another.

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