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By Dan West | Jul 11, 2014

By Mindy Rowlands


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Fourth of July

Our 4th of July plans were a little up in the air thanks to the ever-changing weather forecast and the undetermined arrival of Hurricane Arthur. Around 6:00 A.M. on July 4th, Dean decided that we might be able to make it to camp during the small window between rain storms so we packed up and headed out. By the time we passed the Howland exit the sky opened up and the rain came down. As we continued to drive we tried to plan out how to get the gear into camp without getting completely soaked, but by the time we got to our exit and had traveled into camp the rain had stopped again. We quickly unloaded the four wheelers and gear for the last half-mile trip through the woods down to the camp. The kids headed down the trail ahead of us with the dog while Dean and I followed behind on the wheelers, carrying all the gear.

We made it into camp and were able to unload and get settled into camp for about five minutes before the rain started again. The boys, who had already changed into their swimsuits and were heading into the water, were a little upset that the rain had returned just when they were about to have some fun. I reminded them, though, that they were about to go swimming, so a little rain wouldn’t “dampen” their plans. The rain showers came and went the rest of the afternoon while the boys swam and swam and swam. With great timing, the worst of Hurricane Andrew arrived just in time for supper. So, we settled in for the night and enjoyed the storm while we played a few board games and cooked s’mores over the gas stove.

The next morning we awoke to more rain and temperatures in the lower fifties. With no end to the rain in sight, and the forecast predicting the skies would not clear until later in the day, we decided to pack up and head to Mark and Ginger Sheldon’s camp by Nicatous Lake. The wheeler ride out to the vehicle required multiple stops to move downed trees out of the trail, but we eventually made it out and were able to get everyone and everything loaded up for the trip. We were all very wet as we drove to Nicatous, but the hour long drive gave us time to dry out just a little.

We arrived at Mark and Ginger’s to find Gracie and Brandon Mitchell, Milton and Wendy Higgins, Linda Tripp, and Ron and Sue Morse (who own the camp next to Mark and Ginger). We spent a fun afternoon visiting with everyone. By about 3:00 P.M. the rain finally stopped and all the boys (Calvin, Elias, Connor and Colby) decided, despite the chilly temperatures, that they would like to attempt some swimming. They headed into the river beside the camp and would have probably continued swimming until they turned into ice cubes, but all the moms decided otherwise.

After a delicious potluck supper, we packed back up and headed back to South Branch. We arrived back at camp just in time for the sun to come out and then immediately set in a blaze of glory. While that would have been a little more disappointing to barely glimpse the sun, we knew that it meant clear skies and, tradition dictated, lots of fireworks from the camps across the lake. We are perfectly positioned at our camp so that we can sit right in front of our picture window and see directly across the lake to where they always put on the show; which means we have no need to sit outside getting eaten by mosquitos. Once darkness fully settled in, the fireworks began and we were treated to about a two hour long show. The boys decided that, without a doubt, “camp” has the best fireworks show of anywhere else.

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