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By Sarah Reynolds | Nov 16, 2012

By Mindy Rowlands


Ed Whitcomb has just returned from a three-week stay at the Veterans' Hospital in West Haven, Conn. He attended the Blind Rehab Center, where he was learning computer skills for people with visual impairments. He said that the entire sixth floor of the hospital is devoted to the Rehabilitation Center, where many veterans attend different classes to learn skills that will help them in their daily lives. The floor houses around 32 people, with a common room for the veterans to socialize and eat in.

The computer class he took was done one-on-one right in the comfort of his own room. He said that at the beginning of the three weeks you develop goals and a plan with your instructor as to what skills you need to learn and develop, and if you are able to accomplish those goals you get to go home. Ed was also at the hospital earlier this year for other classes. He said (in his usual humorous way) that while the first trip filled him with “fear and trepidation,” this second trip down was like going home. He said several of the same veterans who had been staying there during his first visit were there taking computer classes this time, too, so he was able to visit and spend time with these men again.

While I was talking on the phone with Ed he told me of some of the things he learned while there — from emailing to Facebooking to the all-important skill of creating your own personal radio stations on Pandora. He laughed as he told me how he was currently listening to “Chariots of Fire” on Pandora. All in all, it seems that it was a great experience and that the VA has been a wonderful resource for Ed. I’m sure he’s glad to be home, though, and I’m (almost) certain that his wife, Jean, is happy to have him back, too.


The Belfast Police Department is letting people know that there have been a number of break-ins in and around the Belfast area and is asking people to be diligent about locking their doors and to report any suspicious activity during any time of the day to Waldo County Dispatch at 338-2040 or, if it’s an emergency, call 911.

As there have been some suspicious incidents reported here in Morrill, as well, I feel the same advice should be heeded. It has been reported that a male and female have been appearing at people’s doors, behaving oddly and leaving very quickly when they discover that there is someone at home. One person here in town who had a visit from these individuals reported the following:

The girl who came to the door is about five feet, six or seven inches tall, has long dirty-blond or light brown hair and a full, round face. She is a big-boned/stocky girl. The man in the truck was not heavy, but no height could be determined, as he was sitting. Both appeared to be between 18-24 years of age. The girl approached the home and was very nervous when someone answered the door. She kept looking back at the man in the truck for what appeared to be guidance as to what to do next. The truck is in good repair and was believed to be dark in color.

That same day, another individual (whose home appeared empty because of a lack of vehicle) reported that someone had attempted to break into their home and ran away when they realized someone was actually there. Both of these incidents occurred during the daylight hours.

Please take care and be sure to report anything out of the ordinary.


After depressing you with that last story, I’m excited to give you some heart-warming baby news. Congratulations to Todd, Anna and Zach Greeley as they welcome a new little baby girl into the family, born Nov. 15. Her name is Lorna Evelyn who, at 20 inches long, weighed in at happy, healthy and active seven pounds, five ounces. Todd, Anna, and Zach are just thrilled with their new little girl, and I suspect that Grampy and Grammy Greeley are very excited to be adding a little girl to the mix after only having grandsons up to this point. Sue said she’s already dug out all the little girl clothing patterns that she has been collecting over the years and is very excited to start some sewing projects.

There will be at least one other Morrill baby to tell you about, but she hasn’t arrived in time to report on her this week. So, stay tuned for next week’s edition, which should be filled with even more wonderful baby news!

RSU 20 Withdrawal Committee

The following are notes and information provided to me by the RSU 20 Withdrawal Committee:

The next RSU #20 Withdrawal Committee meeting will be Dec. 3 at 6:30 p.m. at Belfast City Hall.

At the latest meeting, held on Nov. 12, the committee agreed to submit a withdrawal plan to the RSU 20 School Board and Department of Education that includes a 90 percent student enrollment threshold. For example: If one town with a student enrollment of more than 10 percent of the total enrolled students in the RSU votes no to withdrawing from the current RSU, then the entire plan will not pass. The final percentages were debated upon and raised in a compromise with the RSU 20 School Board, which felt the original percentages were not reasonable. Information regarding the withdrawal committee’s plans, timeline table, etc., is available at the Town Office.

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