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By Sarah Reynolds | Jan 25, 2013

By Mindy Rowlands


The town clerk's hours are Mondays 5-8 p.m., Tuesdays noon-8 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m.-noon.

Contacting me

Someone mentioned the other day that they were not able to get hold of me at the phone number provided. Callers have to dial 1 and 207 before the rest of the number. It will ask for you to state your name and then, if no one answers, you can leave a message.

Town website

The town website is up and running. It is You will find an “Officers Page” where you can see everyone’s hours and job descriptions. You will also find some of the commonly asked for phone numbers (like the animal control officer). We will continue to add more things to the website. For now, though, you can also access the minutes from selectmen’s meetings, town commitment books, tax maps and a few other odds and ends.


For Christmas this year my mother started the process of deeding over some property to my husband and me. So, this week, the boys and I went to the lawyer’s office to sign the final deed paperwork with my mother. On the way to the lawyer’s office, my oldest son, Connor, wanted to know why Grammy was giving us this property. I explained that sometimes when grammies and grampies get older they give their sons and daughters things like that and then the sons and daughters take care of the grammy or grampy and the property, too. My youngest son, Colby, said, “Will Grammy come and live with us?” I told him that she would if that was what she wanted someday. In a quiet voice that was mixed with both reverence and delight, he said, “Will we get to keep her forever?!”

I passed the story on to my mother after we left the lawyer’s office. With slightly watery eyes she exclaimed, “My entire day. No, not day. My entire week has been made perfectly complete!”

Guest columnist

Nancy (Hannington) Hanson contacted me the other day and asked me to pass on this little writeup to all the Morrill readers. So, here is what she had to say:

"A New Year’s greeting from Nancy (Hannington) and Steve Hanson. Each time Thursday rolls around, the thought flits through my mind, “Got to get the column written,” but I don’t. Mindy does! Once you have been a town correspondent for a few years, you appreciate the time it takes to get it all together each week, so thank you, Mindy, for taking it on and doing such a great job.

Things are fine here in New Gloucester. Steve continues to fill in speaking at churches when there is a need, and we enjoy serving at New Gloucester Bible Church in various ways. Being blessed with good health enables us to walk 2 1/2 to 4 miles almost every day. It was 7 degrees this morning, but we did it! And, of course, it is great to pop in up to Morrill and stay at the trailer, and visit with family and friends. Two homes — pretty privileged, I’d say.

This is a tad late, but there are two things I have wanted to mention since the wedding last summer. When we did the thank-you notes (we said, “no gifts, please,” but some didn’t heed the message), there was one gift of money with no name, so that someone never got a thank-you and may wonder why. Also, there is a very pretty plate in the church kitchen with a country scene, green and white, which was left there that day — too nice not to be claimed by the owner.

Hope you all are staying snug and warm as Steve and I and our 20- or 21-year-old cat, Chilly."

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