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By Sarah Reynolds | Feb 18, 2013

By Mindy Rowlands


The town clerk's office is open Mondays 5-8 p.m., Tuesdays noon-8 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m.-noon.


Well, it seems we survived the big blizzard. It was impressive, after so long without a big snowstorm, to awaken to a four-foot snowdrift blocking our front door. Despite all the wind, though, we never did lose power. That was certainly something to be thankful for. My husband, Dean, and Pastor Jim had some adventures while plowing. Jim went off the road with the plow truck, but fortunately some gentlemen who were out in their pickups plowing driveways came along and were able to pull him out. Dean’s truck was also having issues, as the air filter kept filling with snow from all the wind. He said he had to replace it three times. Fortunately, Dana was able to jerry-rig an alternative system (I do not understand the intricacies) that allowed Dean to continue plowing without any more incidents.

I decided the day before to close the Town Office during the storm, as I had been told that keeping the Town Office driveway clear during the storm was not going to take precedence over keeping the roads plowed. Apparently the staff at the Morrill post office knew they would be dealing with some of those same issues, as they didn’t open, either.

Morrill Baptist held a delayed church service on Sunday, choosing to meet at 4 in the evening, to give everyone time to dig themselves out and to perhaps help some neighbors do the same as well. We had been asked to bring something to share as part of a potluck supper after the service that night. I have to say, I’ve never seen so much food at the potlucks that are planned weeks in advance. I think everyone had a lot of time to cook on Saturday or they feared that there wouldn’t be enough food, with the event being planned less than 24 hours earlier. Whatever the reason, we all ate very well.

Adventures in far-off places

Pastor Jim and his wife, Wendy Jo, have recently seen off their two oldest children. After the Christmas break, Pastor took Kyle to Cedarville University in Ohio and just a short time later they saw off their daughter, Karmyn. Karmyn will be spending this next semester in Rome; however, based on the numerous photos that she has been posting on Facebook, it appears that she will be touring all around Italy as the semester continues. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the places she has visited so far. My oldest son, Connor, was learning about Italy at the time that Karmyn arrived there, so the pictures have been very good at helping him picture the geography of this country. We’re looking forward to more pictures in the months to come.

Dog licenses

Just a reminder, everyone, that some of you still have not licensed your dogs. If they are not licensed by the end of February, the late fee increases to $50.

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