Mothers get no Respect.

By patrick quinn | May 13, 2017

A friend told me: "I bought a case of bud lite for my mother on Mother's day,... after all..... I am the reason she drinks".

Sean shouts to his Mother on Mother's day: "how does breakfast in bed sound?"

Mother replies: "that sounds great".  So Sean says: "I'll have bacon and eggs".

Seamus asked his mother what she wanted for Mother's day, she replied: "All I need is a little caring for and looking after".  So he put her in a nursing home.

Mom tells her children on Mother's day she wanted to be pampered, so they bought her diapers.

Mother's get no respect!  Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful Mother's who run our families. I respect you.



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Posted by: Robin M Lewis | May 13, 2017 15:58

right on! thanks!

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