Motorcycle crash injures two

By Carolyn Zachary | Jul 05, 2019
Photo by: Carolyn Zachary Waldo County Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Nucolo gathers gear from the driveway where a female passenger landed when a motorcycle, foreground, went off Route 137 in Brooks July 5.

Brooks — Two people were injured today when their motorcycle went off the road on a curve on Route 137 approaching Sanborn Pond about 4 p.m.

The man, 43, and woman, 48, were taken to Waldo County General Hospital by Belfast and Brooks ambulances with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Waldo County Sheriff's Lt. Matt Curtis. Neither was wearing a helmet, he said.

According to John Ward of Belmont, who was swimming with his wife at Sanborn Pond and witnessed the crash, the gray Suzuki was westbound on Route 137 as the road begins to curve to the right. Ward identified the driver and passenger as Joe Sanborn and Melissa Tripp, whom he knows.

"He leaned into the corner, and brought it up to correct, and (the motorcycle) just went straight, off the road on the left," Ward said.

Curtis said the driver thought his motorcycle had a mechanical issue. "He was not able to negotiate the right turn after the sweeping curve," the lieutenant said. The motorcycle traveled across the road and down a slight embankment.

Ward said his wife Holly, who has a medical background, "tried to assist" the injured woman, who he said was thrown and landed "face-down on the driveway."

The driver of this Suzuki motorcycle told police he was unable to negotiate the curve (visible in upper left) on Route 137, just east of Sanborn Pond, the afternoon of July 5. He and his passenger were injured when the bike traveled straight across the road and down the embankment. (Photo by: Carolyn Zachary)
Ambulances from Brooks and Belfast prepare to take a man and a woman injured in a motorcycle crash July 5 to Waldo County General Hospital. Police said their injuries were non-life-threatening. (Photo by: Carolyn Zachary)
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Posted by: Tamera Howard Doliber | Jul 09, 2019 07:34

it says they were not wearing helmets


Posted by: Carrie Bacon | Jul 06, 2019 16:46

I haven't ridden for 2 years now, but that is due to non-motorcycle related medical issues.  I ALWAYS, however, wore a full face helmet, leathers and boots for injury mitigation to my noggin and skin...  That was my choice because in my profession, I saw many preventable head and skin injuries from motorcycle issues - and deaths.  I started riding at age 13 and currently have a HD Superglide, 96 cubic inches of Milwaukee steel at age 66.  It is getting a bit heavy, now, but is capable of the velocity I like to ride at and highway speeds. Here's the thing about riding - it is an individual thing with personal choices.  Helmet or no helmet, leather jacket or not, gloves or not, leather pants or not, chaps or not, boots or not. Ride a small or large bike, ride safely or not, ride sober or not.  Be injured or killed or not, as a result of your choices and, sometimes, the serendipitous effect of chance.  Maine, like several other states, does not require helmets with the exception of riders under a certain age and riders with less than one year of experience.  Massachusetts does have a strict helmet law.  New Hampshire has no helmet laws, nor does Connecticut.  Choices.  But for the care of people with life-altering injuries that require life-long care should be a settled question, nationally.  How about this?  Make insurance companies issue a rider for financial responsibity for the full lifetime cost of care for accidents involving head injuries when the insured rider and/or passenger is not wearing a DOT approved helmet.  If you buy a motorcycle you should be required to purchase a rider on the policy if you do NOT wear a helmet.  The government shouldn't be fiscally responsible for your riding choices

Posted by: Eric Schrader | Jul 06, 2019 02:30

Were they wearing helmets? Every motorcycle story should indicate this detail. I still don't understand the "helmet" issue here in Maine. Even a half or 3/4 helmet is better than nothing. When your head hits the pavement, it's like a walnut shell getting cracked open, except you'll end up in the hospital on a floor known as the "vegetable garden".

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