Movie Review, Better Living Through Chemistry

By MILT GROSS | Aug 17, 2014

This fascinating comedy, directed by David Posamentier and Geoff Moore, is about a guy who does everything wrong but comes out happily on top.

The description states: Unhappily married small-town pharmacist Douglas Varney has a predictable life. But when he hooks up with a hot customer, everything changes. Soon, he's caught up in a web of fantasy sex, illegal pharmaceuticals and potential murder.

Sam Rockwell as Varney and Olivia Wilde plays the “hot customer” with whom Varney falls in love. Of course, she’s married, which adds an expected tension as the newly-in-loves plan a getaway without her husband. Part of her plan becomes to kills her husband, who does die but from a heart attack.

With all kinds of twists and turns in the plot to complicate life for the love-sick couple, it ends up with nobody having committed any crime and Varney and the “hot customer” being okay.

A quirky dark comedy.

I’d recommend it, even if you’re not into watching love-making in a movie, because of its quirkiness. It is a funny and intriguing with a number of plot twists. sells the DVD for $9.96 and the Blue-ray for $8.99. As we usually do, we rented ours from

For a humorous evening of perverted fun, check this one out.

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