Movie Review, Still Mine

By MILT GROSS | Aug 10, 2014

Based on a true story, this saga of growing old, filmed in New Brunswick, Still Mine tells the tale of an elderly farmer, Craig Morrison, whose wife, Irene, is losing her memory. After Irene falls down the stairs, Morrison decides to build a new smaller house for the two of them.

Played by James Cromwell, Morrison begins to construct their new house a short distance from the old one, when a building inspector shows up and informs Morrison that he needs several permits before he can build.

Instead of complying with the entire list of needed permits, the elderly farmer who was taught building skills by his father, continues to build. This ignoring the building inspector leads to an eventual court date. Morrison is assisted by his attorney.

The story is a conflict between Morrison’s disobeying the building inspector and his wife’s becoming more disabled.

Morrison explains his plight to the judge. In the film, no ruling is explicitly handed down, but at the end of the movie the couple move into their new home.

A touching drama of an all-too-real dilemma and a happy ending.

We got our DVD from Netflix, but sells the DVD for $12.96 and a Blu-ray version for $21.80.

If you’re thinking about your future as an older person or know someone who is becoming elderly or suffering dimentia, obtain your copy.

And be prepared for a rich movie experience a version of which we all eventually face.

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