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My Christmas chair

By Marion Tucker-Honeycutt | Dec 20, 2017

Christmas came early for me this year.

The other morning, I was catching up with my far-flung family on Facebook when a photo of a brown wing-back "leather" chair popped up in an ad on the side of the screen. It was listed for sale in the online "Maine Sell and Swap" site. In the blink of an eye, I clicked on it. The seller was right here in my area. It was still available and he would deliver it. I "bought" it.

I gave him my address but said: "I'm on my way out this morning but will be back by mid-afternoon. Give me a call first so I can be sure my dog is in. He's a nipper." (If he doesn't know you and you come in the yard or to the car, he goes into guard dog mode. He won't bite, at least not unless you challenge him, but will warn and then nip, more like a pinch, with just his front teeth. It stings.)

Arrangements made, I then went on my way. I was taking someone to breakfast for a cheer-up time, someone that was going through a rough patch at the time. As an old lady mainly on Social Security and a bunch of unexpected high-end expenses lately, I really couldn't afford it but it was one of those "do it anyway" things. (As for "unexpected high-end expenses," they come along at a pretty regular clip, so I don't know that we can call them "unexpected.")

My favorite chair, that I've had for many years, is also a wing-back. I love the comfort and feeling of coziness they give. The design was originally conceived, long before central heat, for sitting in front of the open hearth. The heat from the fire would be 'caught' by the 'wings', forming a pocket of heat around you. Though I don't need it for that purpose, it's still my favorite design.

But my poor old chair, that was already second-hand when I got it all those years ago, was in sad shape: stained, torn, etc. I couldn't afford to have it upholstered and they don't make slip covers for chairs with the large "wings." Buying a new chair was out of the question. Besides, the new furniture just doesn't have the lines of the old stuff.

When I came home from breakfast, "my" chair was sitting in the driveway!

It was perfect. Just perfect. Then, just as I was wondering, "How do I get this in the house? And how do I get the other one out?" one of my grandsons drove in. Problem solved. Except that I now had a big old chair sitting in the driveway. It wasn't in good enough shape to even give away. And then the phone rang. It was my niece. I told her of the goings-on and she asked: "What are you going to do with the old one?"


"I want it." She came and got it. She has a sewing room and is a great seamstress and is going to reupholster it herself. So, just like that, all problems solved. Except one. The seller didn't have his money.

I messaged Rob on Facebook. (I didn't have his last name.) "How do I get your money to you?"

Rob: "Merry Christmas," with a Christmas tree gif.

Me: "????"

Rob: "Have a great Christmas," with more little Christmas gifs!

It's been a week now and I'm still feeling amazement and my spirit is uplifted by such a gesture. And my chair is not only perfect and super comfy, but has a special aura that makes me smile every time I see or sit in it.

Now, here's he kicker. Here's how these things work.

The breakfast I couldn't afford cost $30.

The price Rob had on the chair was $30. (So Rob was my "Guardian Angel Unaware" of the day.

I don't know who Rob is and he doesn't know who I am because I do not use my real name on Facebook. (No one should.) But should Rob be reading this or someone who knows him and puts 2 and 2 together and tells him, tell him I know his kindness and Christmas spirit will be returned to him from yet another source while I will "pay it forward," in his honor.

And, as Tiny Tim said: "God bless us, every one." Merry Christmas.

Marion Tucker-Honeycutt, an award-winning columnist, a Maine native and graduate of Belfast schools, now lives in Morrill. Her columns appear in this paper every other week.


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