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Nearly 200 turn out for Saturday tank protest

Jan 08, 2013
Source: Peter Wilkinson Some of the participants in Saturday's demonstration join hands in solidarity as they define the footprint of DCP Midstream's proposed liquefied propane tank at Mosman Park.

Searsport — About 200 people from all over Maine gathered at Mosman Park in Searsport Saturday afternoon, Jan. 5, and formed a circle to show the footprint of a 137-foot-tall liquefied petroleum gas storage tank proposed for Mack Point.

It was the second time in nearly two months that opponents of the proposed development from Colorado-based DCP Midstream organized such an exercise. The first was held in Belfast in mid-November.

The Searsport Planning Board is in the process of considering the application for the project, and next week, beginning Wednesday, Jan. 16, the board will reconvene public hearings about the proposal. Those hearings are scheduled to span three consecutive nights, and all are slated to begin at 6:30 p.m. at Searsport District High School.

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Comments (10)
Posted by: MARY JEAN CROWE | Jan 14, 2013 11:32

The post below is from the current BDN article, re: Public Hearings resume. It explains DCP's hiring practices and how unlikely it is that the high paying jobs would be available to local people, sadly.  Anyone can attend the Hearings and ask DCP in person.

"DCP does all its procurements and purchases through a third party Vendor ISNetworld They vet all contractors and suppliers for safety record etc, and all suppliers/contractors must be members of ISNetWorld to qualify. No Maine firms are qualified at the moment. All of the big energy companies use this same vendor. Anyone who imagines 12 lucky locals are possible candidates for these 12 jobs. This information and a copy for DCP's standard notice to all contractors was provided ages ago to Town Manager James Gillway."

Posted by: MARY JEAN CROWE | Jan 10, 2013 15:34

T.C.E.Q. Fines DCP Midstream For Air Quality Violations

AUSTIN -- An energy company with West Texas ties is facing more than $600,000 in fines. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality fined DCP Midstream $631,628 on Wednesday. The fines are in response to 11 different air quality violations found during an inspection at a DCP Midstream, LP site in Panola County on August 9, 2011.

DCP Midstream's fine comprises more than 50 percent of the  $1,068,720 in fines that the T.C.E.Q. distributed against 36 regulated entities for violations of state environmental regulations Wednesday.

The T.C.E.Q. will give $315,814 from these fines to the Texas Railroad Commission's Alternative Fuels Clean School Bus Replacement Program to be applied toward the purchase of cleaner school buses.

Posted by: Melvin J. Box | Jan 10, 2013 15:06

Not everyone agrees that the tank is dangerous. As far closing a restaurant and a motel, I guess that up to the owner or owners.

Posted by: David N. Berg | Jan 10, 2013 09:31

Are you referring to the 12 specialized jobs that this dangerous tank might produce, or to the fact that a restaurant and motel that employs many more would have no business and have to close because of its being next to the tank?  I agree we need more jobs for Mainers, but this does just the opposite.

Posted by: Melvin J. Box | Jan 10, 2013 05:51

Jobs are also a "REGIONAL ISSUE." It would be nice if our young people didn't have to move to southern Maine or out of state to fine work.

Posted by: David N. Berg | Jan 09, 2013 21:14

I was there and there certainly were others besides myself from Searsport.  The fact that there were so many from so many towns indicates that this is a regional issue and not just a Searsport one.  I, myself, did not take a head count, but did see people coming and going as the hour progressed so I guess the accuracy of the count would depend upon the time one did it.  Personally, with so many of us there in the cold, it would be hard to know whether or not one counted a person or not, especially if one were counting from afar.  I do know of others who wished that they could be there, but being elderly or ill, were unable to attend.

Posted by: MARY JEAN CROWE | Jan 09, 2013 20:21

Quite a few Searsport people attended Saturday, although there no town officials were spotted, although they received personal invitations. I walked the circle and counted 160 people in it, not including myself, the folks at the gazebo and wandering about, and others who left earlier due to the cold. Another visitor recorded the communities that people hailed from as they joined the circle and those towns included: Castine, Freedom, Penobscott, Eddington, Frankfort, Morrill, Lincolnville, Rockland, Searsport, Belfast, Northporth, Stockton Springs, Fryeburg, Swanville, Surrey, Orland, Deer Isle, Bucksport, Liberty, Searsmount, Camden, Monroe, Brooks, Knox, Gorham and Waldoboro.

Why did these people sacrifice their Saturday afternoon to stand in the cold and experience the magnitude of the footprint of the megatank? Because Mainers near and far have grave concerns about this tank and DCP, and they are saying loud and clear, "It's a REGIONAL ISSUE."


Posted by: Melvin J. Box | Jan 09, 2013 14:53

Where any of them from Searsport?

Posted by: East Belfast Elementary School | Jan 09, 2013 12:49

the post about the count was made by  me Kathy Garrrold not my sister. She was not there.....I was there and counted the participants.

Posted by: East Belfast Elementary School | Jan 09, 2013 12:38

I am not sure who did your counting for you but I was nearby and only counted 128 in the circle and about another 10 in the gazebo.  far from 200.

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