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Nelson doubles-up, Hansen, Hubbard also secure state Class B titles

Belfast, Mount View, Camden Hills, Medomak Valley, Oceanside student-athletes excel in final meet
By Staff | Jun 05, 2017
Courtesy of: Zachary Smith Belfast's Jack Hansen, left, and Camden Hills' Maddison Jordan, right, among others during the 110-meter hurdles on June 3 at the state Class B track-and-field championships at Yarmouth High School.

Yarmouth — Three Waldo County student-athletes brought home state Class B track-and-field championships on Saturday, June 3 at Yarmouth High School and one of them — Belfast's Kylie Nelson — secured two.

Nelson capped a tremendous four-year high school career — minus her possible participation in the New England meet — with individual state titles in the long jump and pole vault, an event she essentially has owned indoors and outdoors for years.

Additionally, Nelson broke the school record in the long jump at 17 feet 7 inches. The old record was held for 39 years by Jackie Cox.

Nelson also had a pair of fifth-place finishes Saturday. "Her last day wearing a blue-and-gold uniform could not have gone any better," said veteran Lion coach Dale Nealey. "She had an amazing day."

Belfast's Jack Hansen also won the state long jump and Mount View's Chase Hubbard the state 1,600-meter racewalk.

Other Midcoast qualifying athletes from Belfast, Mount View of Thorndike, Camden Hills of Rockport, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro and Oceanside of Rockland also fared well in individual and relay events against some of the state's most talented competition.

In fact, top-five performances were the norm for area competitors.

A handful of Midcoast athletes, including the state winners and others near the top of their events, also may have qualified for the New England championships on Saturday, June 10 at Norwell High School in Norwell, Mass.

According to the Maine Principals' Association website, "The qualifiers from Maine will be based on the performances at the three state meets. All seven scorers from each of the state meets will create the pool to fill the field. The state champions from each of the three classes and the next three best performances will qualify for the meet. If one or more of the six qualifiers decides not to compete, then the field will be filled with the next best performance from the state meets. If an athlete qualifies in more than one event, they may decide to enter in fewer events than for which they have qualified."

The state Class B girls team scores were: Greely of Cumberland 67, York 59, Mount Desert Island 48, Belfast 39, Gray-New Gloucester 35, Kennebunk 34.5, Waterville 32, Old Town and Lawrence of Fairfield 31, Lincoln Academy of Newcastle 27, Cape Elizabeth 26, Camden Hills 25, Spruce Mountain of Jay and Leavitt of Turner 24, Lake Region 21, Foxcroft Academy of Dover-Foxcroft and Presque Isle 18, Yarmouth 12, John Bapst of Bangor 11, Poland and Fryeburg Academy 10, Wells and Erskine Academy of South China 9, Winslow 8, Mount View 7.5, Hermon 6, Nokomis of Newport 4 and Freeport 1.

The state Class B boys team scores were: Winslow 98, Mount Desert Island 95, York 68, Yarmouth 58, Wells 48, Greely 32, Waterville 28, Mount View 26, Belfast 24, John Bapst 23, Lawrence 21, Lincoln Academy 16, Cape Elizabeth 15, Foxcroft Academy 14, Freeport 13, Kennebunk 12, Old Town 10, Erskine Academy 6.5, Fryeburg Academy 6, Medomak Valley and Leavitt 6, Hermon 5, Camden Hills 4.5, Gray-New Gloucester 4, Lake Region 3, Gardiner 2, Presque Isle 1, Oceanside 1.

The Midcoast girls individual and relay results were:

4x800-meter relay — 4, Camden Hills (Emma Trapani, Macy Pushaw, Miranda Dunton, Grace Iltis), 10:10.98; 5, Belfast (Zoe Deans, Kelsey Mehuren, Hannah Sanderson, Emily Jolliffe), 10:12.91; and 21, Medomak Valley (Hannah Prock, Serena Blasius, Nicole Demmons, Jane Vannoy), 11:54.36.

100-meter hurdles — Prelims: 9, Kristina Kelly, CH, 17.39; and 21, Jane Vannoy, Med, 18.66.

100 meters — Finals: 4 Audrey Clement, CH, 12.89; and 7, Junne Robertson-McIntire, Bel, 13.71. Prelims: 3, Audrey Clement, CH, 12.91; 8, Junne Robertson-McIntire, Bel, 13.27; 18, Kristina Kelly, CH, 13.71; 21, Catherine Heavey, CH, 13.74; and 27, Shala Davis, MtV 13.93.

1,600 meters — 3, Augusta Stockman, CH, 5:14.22; and 5, Grace Iltis, CH, 5:18.06.

4x100-meter relay — 5, Belfast (Emily Jolliffe, Kylie Nelson, Kelsey Mehuren, Junne Robertson-McIntire), 52.26.

400 meters — 6, Catherine Heavey, CH, 1:02.08.

300-meter hurdles — 6, Kristina Kelly, CH, 48.44; 11, Kelsey Mehuren, Bel, 50.02; and 15, Jane Vannoy, Med, 51.26.

800 meters — 9, Miranda Dunton, CH, 2:30.05.

200 meters — 7, Audrey Clement, CH, 27.02; 9, Junne Robertson-McIntire, Bel, 27.22; 24, Catherine Heavey, CH, 28.61; and 29, Shala Davis, MtV 29.31.

3,200 meters — 5, Emma Trapani, CH, 11:29.17.

4x400-meter relay — 2, Belfast (Kelsey Mehuren, Hannah Sanderson, Emily Jolliffe, Junne Robertson-McIntire), 4:15.98; 8, Camden Hills (Audrey Clement, Kristina Kelly, Augusta Stockman, Catherine Heavey), 4:21.90; and 25, Medomak Valley (Hannah Prock, Serena Blasius, Nicole Demmons, Jane Vannoy), 5:02.87.

High jump — 4, Betsy Hunt, MtV, 4-10; and 9, Emie Wood, CH, 4-10.

Long jump — 1, Kylie Nelson, Bel, 17-7.

Triple jump — 5, Kylie Nelson, Bel, 33-7.5; and 24, Brianna White-Ortiz, Ocean, 30-2.75.

Javelin — 10, Shera Hilt, Bel, 91-04.

Discus — 4, Shala Davis, MtV, 98-0; 14, Anna Poisson, Ocean, 87-4; 16, Shera Hilt, Bel, 84-5; and 19, Abigail Berry, Bel, 77-08.

Pole vault — 1, Kylie Nelson, Bel, 10-0.

The Midcoast boys individual and relay results were:

4x800-meter relay — 8, Belfast (Tyson Hill, Matthew Kelley, Brendan Moline, Ricky Smith), 8:59.56; 14, Mount View (Cassidy Pound, Kyle Noble, Cameron Morin, Elijah Allen), 9:22.32; and 17, Medomak Valley (Isaiah Potter, Arie Vannoy, Cameron Leach, Chris Shelmerdine), 9:24.54.

110-meter hurdles — Finals: 3, Jack Hansen, Bel, 16.18; and 6, Maddison Jordan, CH, 16.57. Prelims: 5, Maddison Jordan, CH, 16.48; 6, Jack Hansen, Bel, 16.58; 10, Kenneth Pruyne, Med, 17.49; 13, Ethan Cayouette, CH, 17.63; and 24, Noah McClendon, MtV 20.05.

100 meters — Prelims: 9, Josh Goldrup, Med, 11.83; 10, Devon Davis, MtV 11.84; 16, Josh Larrabee, MtV 11.97; 19, Felix Faller, Bel, 12.03; 27, Cole Ashmore, Med, 12.34; and 28, Michael McGeady, CH, 12.38.

1,600-meter racewalk — 1, Chase Hubbard, MtV, 8:06.19.

1,600 meters — 12, Trevor Iltis, CH, 4:50.14; and 13, Elijah Allen, MtV, 4:51.25.

4x100-meter relay — 2, Mount View (Matt Overlock, Josh Larrabee, Devon Davis, Shaynen Schofield), 45.43; 6, Belfast (Felix Faller, Carter Patterson, Christian Sukeforth, Ricky Smith), 46.67; and 15, Camden Hills (Alex Spearin, Ethan Cayouette, Michael McGeady, Josh Pearse), 48.06. The Mustangs missed first by 0.07 of a second and set a school record that had stood since 1999.

400 meters — 21, Tristan DeVault, Med, 55.53.

300-meter hurdles — 10, Kenneth Pruyne, Med, 44.39; 13, Maddison Jordan, CH, 44.61; and 28, Noah McClendon, MtV, 48.35.

800 meters — 7, Nathan Hersom, Ocean, 2:07.40.

200 meters — 7, Josh Goldrup, Med, 23.57; 8, Devon Davis, MtV, 23.59; 12, Shaynen Schofield, MtV, 23.68; 22, Felix Faller, Bel, 24.49; and 31, Michael McGeady, CH, 24.95.

4x400-meter relay — 12, Mount View (Shaynen Schofield, Cameron Morin, Elijah Allen, Devon Davis), 3:46.46; 17, Belfast (Chrisitan Sukeforth, Carter Patterson, Tyson Hill, Ricky Smith), 3:48.29; 19, Medomak Valley (Griffin Hooper, Camerson Leach, Kenneth Pruyne, Tristan DeVault), 3:53.56; and 20, Camden Hills (Alex Spearing, Josh Pearse, Ethan Cayouette, Michael McGeady), 3:54.08.

High jump — 7, Sam Hebert, CH, 5-10; 9, Tyson DeWaard, CH, 5-10; and 16, Maty Moore, Med, 5-6.

Long jump — 1, Jack Hansen, Bel, 21-1.5; 7, Sam Hebert, CH, 20-2.75; 21, Matt Overlock, MtV, 19-0; and 26, Felix Faller, Bel, 17-10.

Triple jump — 7, Sam Hebert, CH, 41-2.25; and 15, Jack Hansen, Bel, 39-6.5.

Javelin — 2, Rayno Boivin, MtV, 158-11; 22, Brandon Reynolds, MtV, 127-3; and 24, James Robbins, Bel, 123-5.

Discus — 4, Richie Sproul, Med, 120-5; 14, Chris Carroll, Ocean, 106-2; 18, Noah Pringle, MtV, 102-7; and 19, Caleb Hilt, Bel, 102-2.

Shot put — 7, Richie Sproul, Med, 43-0.75; 19, Chris Carroll, Ocean, 39-1.25; 21, Maty Moore, Med, 37-9; and 28, James Robbins, Bel, 34-7.5.

Pole vault — 3, Jack Hansen, Bel, 12-0; 8, Drew Robson, Bel, 11-0; 9, Josh Larrabee, MtV, 11-0; and 14, Timmy Smith, Bel, 9-9.

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Mount View's Shala Davis, left, Camden Hills' Audrey Clement, middle, and Belfast's Junne Robertson-McIntire, right. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Ricky Smith. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Tyson Hill. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Matt Kelley, right. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Ricky Smith, right. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's James Robbins. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Shera Hilt. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Jack Hansen, left, and Camden Hills' Maddison Jordan, right. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Jack Hansen, left. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Junne Robertson-McIntire. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Jack Hansen. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Jack Hansen. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Ricky Smith, as well as Medomak Valley's Josh Goldrup, right. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Shera Hilt. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Shera Hilt. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's James Robbins. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Kelsey Mehuren. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Abigail Berry. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Kylie Nelson. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Kylie Nelson. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Junne Robertson-McIntire, left, and Kylie Nelson. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Kylie Nelson. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Kylie Nelson. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Kylie Nelson. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
Belfast's Junne Robertson-McIntire. (Courtesy of: Zachary Smith)
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Posted by: MT VIEW HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE | Jun 06, 2017 07:17

The boys class B State list is missing the totals for Mt. View and Belfast.

The MV community is very proud of the 4 x 100 team as they came in second in the race only missing first by .07 of a second.  They set a new school record with this relay team.  The former team held the record since 1999.

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