New Annuals for 2012!!!

By Plants Unlimited | Jan 07, 2012

NEW ANNUALS for 2012!

This week we look at new annuals from Hort Couture. This company is dedicated to the local, independent retailer and grower. No other brand can say that. They are bringing exciting new plants and ideas to the market .

They have 28 new varieties in their Avant Garde Annuals for 2012. They represent the finest breeding from leading companies around the world.

Bacopa Boutique™ Tie-Dye White

Boutique has great summer performance in baskets, containers and is excellent for small pot production. The freshest new look in Bacopa breeding in years. Large flowers with a dramatic eye zone that is gorgeous. Very unique. Lovely with nearly any combination. Grows 8" tall and wide. Bacopa is one of the most versatile annuals sold and this is a dramatic new variety!


Coleus Under the Sea™

Perhaps the best new series in floriculture for 2012 and definitely the coolest! The Under The Sea Coleus have a unique crustacean look that makes them irresistible. Fun, durable and exotic. Under the Sea™ are great with our Juncus ‘Dreadlocks’ to get the Medusa look in combos. Grows 18" tall x 12" wide! 8 really cool new varieties!
Coleus Under the Sea™ Bone Fish
Coleus Under the Sea™ Gold Anemone
Coleus Under the Sea™ Hermit Crab


Coleus Under the Sea™ Lime Shrimp

Coleus Under the Sea™ Langostino
Coleus Under the Sea™ Molten Coral

Coleus Under the Sea™ Red Coral
Coleus Under the Sea™ Sea Scallop

Lobularia Snow Globe™

Snow Globe is a vegetative Lobularia that will not overpower combinations. Intense fragrance in a compact package. Adaptable and easy to grow. Excellent for planters and hanging baskets. Pretty with our Panache™ Petunias in baskets and planters. A great neutral with most colors. Never stops blooming and has great spring vigor making full combinations quickly. Grows 8" tall x12" wide.

Petunia Panache™ Hell's Bells

The perfect petunia for European style baskets, fabulous landscape beds and the coolest combination planters imagineable.  Versatile! Panache Hell's Bells give the graceful look and old fashioned fragrance of Petunia grandiflora in a screaming orange color!. Weather tolerant flowers and a full habit were important attributes during the breeding process. From Kerley in England. The backbone of any mixed basket that will not disappoint

Alocasia  Stingray (Elephant Ear)

Named for the shape of its striking leaves, this large tropicalmakes a conversation piece for garden or greenhouse. Its slowly creeping underground rhizomes produce erect clumps of long-stalked leaves that have two broad, wing-like lobes and a terminal tail-like appendage, the whole resembling a stingray. The shiny, leather, ruffled leaves are rich green with paler undersides. This unusual alocasia mutation is fast growing and can reach 5-6’ tall. Prefers a partially shady location with moist, fertile soil.

Gerbera Glamorous™ Mix

Bred by Marian Lekkerkerk at the Gerbera Factory in Holland, Hort Couture’s new gerbera offers a distinctive, “glamorous” look. Its glossy, heavily textured foliage results in excellent landscape durability and less susceptibility to insects, mildew, slugs and sun.

Available in four colors for 2012

Liriope Cassidy™

Unique twisted foliage on a very versatile plant. Best in shade to part shade. Great inside! Mix this plant with warm yellow & deep purple blooms and bronze foliage.

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