New community consignment shop now open in Unity

May 14, 2014

Fay Together, a new community shop has opened in Unity. Carrying an eclectic mix of items, it specializes in Maine-made products from local artisans and crafters.

The store's owner, Fay Lataille, thought up its name after playing a game of Scrabble. She had no other words to play but her own name, and according to the rules of the game proper nouns can not be used. She quickly opened the scrabble dictionary to discover that her name also meant "to fit or join closely." Only a few months later Fay Together was born; joining together the creativity and talents of the local community in a way that has long been forgotten. Come in and find your missing piece, whether it be an antique, craft, book, or jewelry — or find a gift for a loved one, no matter your budget!

Fay Together is located at 205 Depot St. in Unity.

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