New Finnish "funnie's"

By Art Jura | Oct 17, 2012
Photo by: Art Jura This happy couple has just won the lottery!

SOUTH THOMASTON — It's about time to submit another "blog", and I've been looking around for suitable subjects to concentrate on. I had received an e-mail from my good friend Tuija, who works in Vaasa, Finland. She asked when I was going to translate a few more Finnish cartoons, which I had experimented with a few months ago?

Thank you Tuija! That is a great idea, and it's a good excuse to read the latest cartoons that are regularly published in the larger newspapers in Helsinki. Finnish humor is often a bit different, but this will give many of you a chance to compare my translation's with your own versions.

This series of comics (sarjakuvia) is by "Wulffmorgenthaler", and often features one wide-angle view of something slightly weird. I am slipping in the English translation's just above the Finnish text. ENJOY! 

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