New Moon = new beginnings. I've resigned from a part time job to focus on offering Astrology & Detox Foot Bath sessions.

By ananur forma | Dec 27, 2016


I want to be self employed again, and work from home. I want to get a cat from the shelter to love and take care of .However, with my part time job (38 hours per week) I was away too much to take (good) care of a cat. I am a true cat lover! I remember that we get "punished" for being self employed when it comes to paying taxes. How is this democratic and all American? Discouraged from being independent seems a contradiction to  "the land of the free, "motto, in my opinion.Nonetheless being self employed is best for my personality, being born with Uranus in the 6th house, I need a lot of freedom. I have very high standards and seem to be constantly stuffing the suggestion box, so to speak, when I'm working for others. onward!

Here's my vision: do more Astrology readings from my home and offer the detox foot baths with the chi machine experience. You'll have to call or email me for more information or read the ad online when it comes up. I will tell you this: the chi machine is equal to walking one mile when you are on it for 15 minutes. It gently shakes/vibrates your legs while your feet are resting on the foot saddle, nice sensation. After 15 minutes you're ready for the detox foot bath which removes toxins, increases circulation and a whole lot more. I use it regularly and have noticed improvement.


Because it's a New Moon (written November 29,2016) I'm ready to make changes in my life that suit me, and make my heart sing!

I hope that you are doing the same. With the Sun and Moon conjunct in Sagittarius (New Moon) our beliefs and visions for the future are activated. The time is right for launching a new life style and way of being. I'm willing to take a chance/risk.


so far so good! I am taking care of an amazing "elder" (does not seem old!) in her home and enjoying this very much. if anyone needs someone to care for -call me

594-2565 I am a CRMA trained gentle, kind,caring person, and this "work" helps me to do Astrology (& detox foot baths) which is not a stable source of income for me.

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