New pipe organ, Belfast tempest and Strawberry Festival

Jul 17, 2014

July 17, 1879

“Rev. Mr. Gerrish, of the Methodist church in this city, has just purchased, at East Cambridge, Mass, a new pipe organ, for that society. The instrument is a good one, eighteen feet high, ten and a half feet wide and five and a half feet deep. A recess, for the organ, will be built in the church at the rear of the altar, by cutting through the main wall of the building. The cost of the organ and setting it up will be $1300. Work will commence immediately.”

“Our bay fishermen are making fair wages catching tinker mackerel for the Castine packing house. Fifty cents per hundred are paid for the fish. On Monday the steamer Everett took a large quantity across the bay, and on Tuesday Follett’s yacht Little Rogue took over thousands of the fish.”

July 13, 1911

“One of the most severe tempests for years visited Belfast Thursday afternoon, at 2:30 o’clock. The squall struck with little warning and the dark clouds brought terror to the timid. The wind blew a gale, carrying dust, sticks and leaves before it. Many shade and apple trees were injured; more in the vicinity of the Upper Bridge than elsewhere. Fortunately there was no damage on the harbor, but it was a grand sight with its white-crested waves.”

“Mr. Adelbert Knight, who was burned out in Saturday night’s fire at the Fletcher house, would like the person who has two seven-day library books, with his cards, to return them to him or to the library.”

July 16, 1953

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: “Dangerous When Wet” starring Esther Williams, Fernando Lamas and Jack Carson.

“Before we go a step further, let’s stop, doff the old dobbs and give a low bow to everybody who had anything to do with the 1953 Maine Broiler Festival. From where we sat, it was a wonderful day for everybody. It was well planned, well handled, and above all, well organized. All this is a roundabout way of saying it was a job well done and congratulations to the folks who did it.”

July 16, 1998

“The Lincolnville United Christian Church sponsored its fourth annual Strawberry Festival on Saturday with a parade through the center of town, followed by activities in the churchyard. Strawberry shortcake, pies and jams were on sale as well as baked goods and crafts.”

“Dick Philbrook and the Frye Mountain Band will provide the music for a chem-free dance on Saturday, July 18, at the Blue Goose Dance Hall in Northport.”


“John and Mary Frenning are collecting pledges for a Northport room in the new Belfast Free Library. They hope to receive enough support to provide space and facilities for children, who presently have no room even to sit down.”

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