Newlyweds jailed after assault on officer, botched escape

By Tanya Mitchell | Oct 11, 2012
Source: Waldo County Jail Jacob Graffam-Connors, left, and Maria Riley

Belfast — Police say a recently married Belfast couple spent the night in jail Wednesday, Oct. 3, after the woman allegedly assaulted an officer who was attempting to detain her on a warrant and the man tried to hide in an upstairs bathroom.

Maria Riley (also known as Maria Connors), 24, of Belfast was arrested on charges of assault, refusing to submit to arrest and unlawful possession of schedule Z drugs (Klonopin) as well as on an outstanding shellfish violation warrant, said Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham. Riley's husband, 28-year-old Jacob Graffam-Connors of Belfast was also arrested on a drug possession charge as well as refusing to submit to arrest and violating conditions of release. Graffam-Connors, like his wife, also had an outstanding arrest warrant for a previous shellfish violation charge.

Cunningham said officers had gone to the couple's Garden Way apartment with the intention of arresting them on the warrants but the two allegedly failed to cooperate almost immediately.

Cunningham said when the officers arrived, Graffam-Connors exited his apartment and began speaking with them when he suddenly ran back inside his apartment. Cunningham said as the officers started to go after Graffam-Connors, he told them they were not to come into his apartment because they didn't have a serach warrant.

"Then he goes and hides in the bathroom," said Cunningham.

Meanwhile Riley remained near the entrance, Cunningham said, and she continued to tell the officers they were not permitted to enter the residence.

As the officers were placing Riley under arrest, Cunningham said she assaulted one of the officers before they were able to get her into the police cruiser. Eventually Graffam-Connors came out of the bathroom, at which time Cunningham said police placed him under arrest.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Cunningham said Riley and Graffam-Connors were still in custody.

Both Riley and Graffam-Connors are scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court in Belfast Tuesday, Nov. 20.

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