No damage done when vessel's removal from harbor 'delayed'

By Tanya Mitchell and Mariah Albanese | Jun 14, 2013
Photo by: Mariah Albanese Workers with Belmont Boatworks pulled this vessel, called Ocean Pearl, from the waters at Stockton Harbor Wednesday afternoon, June 13. The removal of the vessel took a few hours, but workers reportedly got the job done without causing any damage to the boat or the ramp.

Stockton Springs — A 90-foot-long vessel that was pulled from Stockton Harbor Wednesday afternoon, June 13, was “delayed” at the boat ramp a few hours, Stockton Springs Town Manager Rich Couch said. However, workers were able to get the craft on its way without causing any damage to the boat or the ramp.

Thursday morning, Couch said reports from some witnesses who were at the dock during the boat's removal stating the vessel was stuck on the boat ramp are not accurate.

“I do know a rather large boat was taken out of the water at the public boat launch and it probably took longer than it needed to,” said Couch.

Couch said a crew with Belmont Boatworks was overseeing the removal of the vessel, which witnesses at the dock identified as Ocean Pearl. The local company had a large truck and trailer that Couch said was large enough to handle the job, but it took some time to complete the task.

“That could have taken place at any other location in the state,” said Couch, who added the dock is open for public use.

Couch said some people in town were concerned that the vessel would be too heavy to travel over the small bridge near the boat launch, but Couch said the bridge could handle the weight of the boat and that it would have been possible for the workers to haul it away from the dock without using the bridge if necessary.

Couch said the vessel's removal did not cause any damage to the launch or the boat, and while the incident is a bit unusual, it is not unheard of at a public dock.

“There are a number of people who use the harbor, and we're happy that they do,” he said.

The Journal called Belmont Boatworks Thursday afternoon to learn more about how a boat of that size might typically be removed from the water, but there was no answer at the business.

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