Northport Golf Club continues with lots of play

By Staff | Jun 02, 2014

Northport — Northport Golf Club play continued in recent days with plenty of links action.

On June 1 in points quota team play, Moe Eastman, Tyler McDevitt, Alden Overlock and Tom Kent combined to finish first; Tim Riley, Paul Doody, Frank Field and Don Pendergast, as well as Jeff Dutch, Dick Clement, Terry Fancy and Phil Bowen, second; and Randy Berry, Cliff Randall, Greg McDaniel and Loren Van Ness, fourth.

In Class A, Moe Eastman finished gross 73; Jake Thompson, second gross 76; Randy Berry, third gross 81; Jeff Dutch, first net 68; Larry Quinn, Cliff Randall, Paul Doody, Tom Savage and Tyler McDevitt, tied for second net 71. The pin winners were: Moe Eastman, 11 feet 2 inches on the third hole; John Lloyd-Still, 12-0 on the 12th; and Mike Knox, 2-11 on the 18th.

In Class B, Dick Clements finished first gross 78; Jeff Shula, second gross 87; Harvey Peterson, third gross 90; Frank Field, first net 70; David Sprowl, second net 71; and Jerry Savitz and Loren Van Ness, tied for third net 73. The pin winners were: Dick Clements, 12-10 on the third; and Warren Westbo, 5-1 on the 12th.

On May 29 in scotch foursome, Terry Whitney and Roxie Whitney finished first gross 42; Alex Fritz and Joan Bowen, as well as Lee Woodward and Phyllis Gaul, first net 35; Art Leclair and Sally Leclair, third net 35.5; Mike Rovinski and Alison Hawthorne, fourth net 36; and Frank Field and Jean Brown, fifth net 36.5.

Warren Westbro and Veronica Westbro were the lucky draw winners.

On May 27 in twilight league play, in Class A, Moe Eastman finished first gross 38; Jesse Johnson and Randy Berry, tied for second gross 40; Mike Marshall, fourth gross 42;  Larry Quinn, first net 33; Terry Whitney, second net 34; Cory Chase, third net 35; and Barry Porter, fourth net 36. The net winners were: Jesse Johnson, 15-5 on the third; and Larry Quinn, 7-3 on the ninth.

In Class B, Alden Overlock and Duke Marston tied for first gross 44; Jon Ohlsen, third gross 45; Bill Farris, first net 34; Warren Westbo, second net 35; and Loren Van Ness, third net 38. The pin winner was: Bill Farris, 8-4 on the third.

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Posted by: wendy c kasten | Jun 03, 2014 09:59

This is the first story in today's paper. In the Bangor Daily News, there is a big story about Belfast and the discovery of trust funds from the bequest of Maude Gammans, whose portrait hangs in our library. Their story talks about Maura Gammans trying to investigate how these funds for the Belfast needy are being used today. Where is this story in THIS Waldo County newspaper???

Dr. Wendy C. Kasten

Belfast resident

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