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Northport Golf Club wheel event, scotch, points, twilight league results

By Staff | Sep 02, 2014

Northport — The Northport Golf Club has been abuzz with activity in recent days as the dog days of summer near the cooler days of fall.

On Sept. 1 in a Labor Day Wheel event, Jamie Place and Jake Thompson, Randy Berry and Jesse Johnson and Randy Berry and Jake Thompson tied for first gross 66; Jamie Place and Jesse Johnson, tied for fourth gross 67; Alex Fritz and Terry Whitney, as well as Alex Fritz and Mike Knox, tied first net 58; Terry Fancy and Peter Doran, tied third net 59; and Mike Rovinski and Lisa Desmarteau, fourth net 60.

In sweeps, Jesse Johnson finished first gross 71; Jamie Place, second gross 72; Jake Thompson third gross 73; Randy Berry, fourth gross 76; Alex Fritz, first net 62; Scott Hawthorne and Peter Doran, tied second net 68; and John Lloyd-Still, fourth net 70.

The pin winners were: Randy Berry, 0-1 on the third; Barry Crawford, 9-1 on the ninth; John Lloyd-Still, 3-1 on the 12th; and Terry Whitney, 1-2 on the 18th.

On Aug. 31, in a points quota event, Terry Whitney, Steve Stanford, Lisa Desmarteau and Jim Desmarteau finished first at 129; Randy Berry, Jeff Shula, Lee Robinson and Phil Bowen, as well as Cliff Randall, Rick Cronin, Cecil Eastman and John Amedee, tied for second at 125.

In Class A sweeps, Jake Thompson and Randy Berry tied for first gross 72; Bob Delio, third gross 80; Rick Cronin, first net 64; George Cushman, second net 67; and Steve Stanford, third net 68. The pin winners were: Jake Thompson, 14-0 on the third; Paul Jasienowski, 1-10 on the ninth; Randy Berry, 33-4 on the 12th; and Jim Kunkel, 6-8 on the 18th.

In Class B sweeps, Lisa Desmarteau finished first gross 87; Greg McDaniel, second gross 88; Lee Robinson, third gross 93; Dave Sprowl, first net 69; Jim Desmarteau, second net 71; and Peter Doran, third net 74. The pin winners were: Dave Wentworth, 24-0 on the ninth; John Amedee, 10-6 on the 12th; and Lee Robinson, 10-7 on the 18th.

On Aug. 27 in a scotch foursome, Jeff Dutch and Phyllis Gaul finished first gross 29; Alex Fritz and Mary Ann Darbelnet, second gross 31; Greg Dutch and Lois Dutch, first net 22; Frank Field and Jean Brown, second net 23; Barry Porter and Cindy Porter, third net 24; and Art Leclair and Sally Leclair, fourth net 25.

Ken Gordon and Pete Wood won best costume.

On Aug. 26 in twilight league play, in Class A sweeps, Mike Knox and Terry Whitney tied for first gross 39; Jesse Johnson, third gross 40; and Alex Fritz, Dave Potvin and Greg McDaniel, tied for first net 34.

The pin winners were: Harvey Peterson, 16-1 on the 12th hole; and Jeff Dutch, 13-9 on the 18th.

In Class B sweeps, Tyler McDevitt finished first gross 44; Alden Overlock, second gross 45; Lefty Homans, third gross 48; Phil Bowen, first net 30; John Amedee, second net 33; and John Dimier, third net 37.

The pin winner was: Scott Hawthorne, 18-0 on the 18th.

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