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By Art Jura | Aug 30, 2012
Photo by: Google This is the spot where all the stories about "Finns & Friends" originate from. It is the home of the "Finn-Am Society", the "Finnish Heritage House", and the "Finnish Congregational Church".

SOUTH THOMASTON — Nine days ago I posted a blog that I had named "Did you know?", and everyone went nuts! As of today 1,777 people have read it, and I guess I had better do another blog to explain what has happened since then?

It all started over an earlier decision made by the building committee of our local Finnish Church. This included tearing out the ceiling and walls of the church sanctuary, which upset many of our older members! It seems that our church was soon to receive a sizable bequest. A vote of the membership was demanded, making matters even worse, and our beloved Pastor also announced his resignation! But you can check that earlier blog out again for yourself. I simply want to inform everyone about all the facts that we have now, and then a suggestion of my own.

Yes, there really is a bequest. It is from the estate of a wonderful lady named Eila Isaacson, and the amount is slightly over $50,000! Sums of money like that do strange things to people! Now there is a rush to spend it, without considering all of the existing priorities, or the possible consequences. I guess I just like to stick my neck out?

The weird looking picture at the start of this manifesto explains it all.This is a high altitude photo of our Finnish Congregational Church, and you can see that it borders on a heavily traveled Route 131. The dark red lines illustrate our present boundry lines for this 125' x 175' property. The bright orange lines show two proposed parking lots, joined by a connecting road along the rear boundry. You can see that there is VERY little parking space now, often forcing people to park on #131. Very dangerous!

All three of our Finnish-American organizations share in these facilities, along with the Kantele group, Language classes, kid's group, weddings, funerals, etc. Why not invest in the future by trying to acquire some parking space? There are over 400 acres of empty hayfields bordering our tiny lot!

Please think about it?

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Posted by: Ragna Weaver | Sep 01, 2012 17:26

I wish we could purchase some land to increase the parking situation. I have seen cars parking up & down the road for a long ways when we have had some funeral services. Very dangerous indeed!


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