Now's the Time for FREE Infrared Analysis

Infrared at Work
Infrared analysis reveals concealed efficiency problems in these homes. (Courtesy of: David Valley )

Thermal imaging lets us visualize temperature differences, offering a “behind the scenes” look at where heat is leaking out of your home and making it one of the most essential (and interesting) parts of a FREE consult with Evergreen Home Performance.


In an infrared picture, warmer areas appear red to yellow and colder areas – where insulation is missing or air leaks are gaping – appear purple to black. Ceiling joints, foundation sills, uninsulated walls, and gaps around doors and windows are all common areas for heat loss, but each home is unique. When you and your Evergreen Home Performance Energy Advisor know where energy is being wasted, you can customize an energy efficiency solution.

At Evergreen Home Performance, we offer insulation, air sealing, basement encapsulation, and other energy-smart services.  Typically, our customers see a 25-50% reduction in their overall energy use, and for a limited time, Efficiency Maine is offering a $600 rebate for making your home more energy efficient, so you can save even more. Contact us at 594-2244 to learn more and to schedule your FREE energy consult.




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