Oh my! What love can do!

By Benny Huckleberry, as told by Liz Hoffman | Mar 11, 2020

At night, I often ask my human to tell me a bedtime story. She always obliges and tells me about the day she adopted me.

I love hearing about how she went to the shelter and reminisces about the moment when she chose me. That was the best and most important day of my life, since everything changed for the better.

But last night, when I asked her to tell me a story, she told me a different one. It was about an old high school friend of hers, who never had a dog before. I was all ears as she began to speak.

“Benny, my dear friend Mika is a professional therapist for humans. That means she talks to people about what is upsetting them and helps them feel better. While she has great experience with humans, she and her husband never had a dog.”

This puzzled me since how can people not have dogs? Weird. Anyway, she continued.

“Mika is very caring but often wondered if she was really the 'dog type.'" Again, I was confused by this, since wouldn’t everyone be a dog type?

“However, despite her reservations, when Mika became aware of a special needs pup that didn’t have a home, she agreed to adopt him. He had a bad break in his front leg and as a result, no one wanted him. She named the pup Bodhi and welcomed him into her home.

"Her kids were already grown, she didn’t have cats and her house was a calm, quiet place for Bodhi to learn to trust. She also did everything she could to get his leg fixed. It was a complicated process, since Bodhi was growing into a big dog and there was a lot of pressure on his paw. But Mika persevered and Bodhi got the surgery he needed, all the love he could handle, and helpful follow-up care.”

I liked that part of the story best, since I like happy endings.

“It turned out great Benny! Bodhi blossomed into a wonderful dog and his leg healed perfectly!”

I thought that was the end of the story, but my human continued.

“So, all was fine with Bodhi and Mika until she saw another pup in need. This time it was an adult female dog who had a lot of anxiety from being mistreated.” This made me sad, since I was kind of like that before I was adopted.

Anyway, my human told me that she warned Mika that “dogs are like potato chips” but encouraged her to give it a try anyway. Mika went ahead with the adoption, and lo and behold, this new pup named Nori took to her other dog like me to a bone! It was wonderful.

That said, Nori still had many problems, was scared of her own shadow, distant to humans and only happy when glued to Bodhi.

My human said Nori ended up gaining more trust and very slowly, improved day by day. She was like a flower bud that opened, petal by petal, to reveal her very sweet nature.

Mika told my human that seeing this filled her heart with joy, unlike anything else that she’d ever experienced. That is the important part to know; that dogs like me or Nori, who were abandoned or abused are so often like precious little flower buds.

My human agrees and said as she watched me blossom, she realized her love was powerful, transformative and meant to be shared.

So, if you’ve ever doubted the power of love and want to see how transformative it is, go out and adopt a rescue dog! Just like me and Nori were, we can all be transformed for the better. All it takes is for someone to love us.

With love,

Benny H.

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