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One tree, two apple crops; so many officials, candidates on Congress Street; Ben Ames Williams summers in Searsmont

Jun 12, 2017

This week in history from the files of The Republican Journal as compiled by staff of Belfast Free Library.

July 8, 1842


"The Republican Journal will be furnished from this time until the election, for twenty-five cents. They will be sent by mail or any other usual mode. Orders will commence with this week."

"Dr. George Leonard, Thomsonian Physician and Surgeon, Freedom Village Maine, having devoted several years in obtaining a thorough education in the New School, or Thomsonian practice of medicine and surgery, tenders his professional services to his friends and the public. He may be consulted at his office, over Walter W. Flye's store."

July 8, 1859

"Mr. Thomas Robinson of Montville, has shown us some curious productions of an apple tree upon his farm. The tree, on the first of July, being then full of young apples, suddenly became full of blossoms, as much so as when it first blossomed in the spring. These blossoms came out invariably on the new wood, which had started out from four to six inches. With its full crop of young apples, and its abundant promise of a second one, the tree presented a very curious appearance, and looked as though it would need all its energies to perfect the work laid out."

July 10, 1890

"On Congress St., Belfast, reside the Democratic nominee for Governor; the Republican and Democratic nominees for Congress from the Third district; the Mayor of the city; the sheriff of the County; the Register of Probate; the Police Judge; the city clerk, and the residence of Hon. W. G. Frye, Consul General at Halifax is also on this street. Can any street of any other city in Maine boast so many officials and candidates?"

July 11, 1901

"The version of Uncle Tom's Cabin interpreted by Stetson's Double Monster Co. which will exhibit at The Belfast Opera House Friday, July 12th, afternoon and evening, had the special approval of Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, from the fact of Manager Stetson's adherence to the original text, which is a complete deviation from the custom of other Uncle Tom managers, who interpolate so many attempted gags, stale jokes and vulgar witticisms into their rendition that scarcely a vestige is left of the never-to-be-forgotten work."

"The game of base ball played here (in Searsport) Saturday afternoon between the Belfast and Searsport nines proved a good one. The fine pitching of Nichols and the excellent support given him by the members of the Searsport Club kept down the score of their opponents and won the game for the home nine by a score of 10 to 3."

July 7, 1938

"Mr. And Mrs. Ben Ames Williams with his family, Chilton G., Ben Ames Jr., and Penelope Ann of Chestnut Hill, Mass., are at their summer home 'Hard Scrabble' in Searsmont."

"The greater part of the afternoon Tuesday the members of the Belfast Garden Club spent in their tour of the gardens of Mrs. Orris S. Vickery, Mrs. L. Ernest Thornton, Mrs. Ralph R. Thompson, Mrs. Clyde B. Holmes and Mrs. D. C. Brewster in addition to that of Admiral and Mrs. Wm. V. Pratt. Later, tea was enjoyed at the home of Mrs. Donald S. Clark."

"Playing at Colonial Theatre: New and Third Edition - Belfast's Own Local News Reel showing 4-H Club field day events - Plus - Loretta Young and Joel McCrea in Three Blind Mice."


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