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Aug 29, 2019

Editor's note: The following letter is a response to Haakon Stang's letter published in the Aug. 29, 2019, issue of The Republican Journal. It is posted online at the writer's request.

Nordic response to 'fishy business' letter

This week Haakon Stang, a person from Fredrikstad, Norway, published a letter in The Republican Journal about Nordic Aquafarms regarding excessive noise from our facility in Fredrikstad.

Why would he do that? We did some checking. Some simple research has revealed a connection between him and Lawrence Reichard in Belfast. Given Reichard´s history of constantly attacking Nordic Aquafarms with misleading stories, it is no surprise that the story at hand is in the same avenue. The approach is also the same “first supportive, then against”.

The pattern we have seen from this camp are attempts to latch on to truths and half-truths, and then twist them into dark and misleading stories. The latest letter in The Republican Journal was no different. Let´s address the facts.

Yes, Nordic Aquafarms did kick out a Danish contractor in Fredrikstad that was causing problems and delays and we assumed control of the project ourselves. The same contractor has been in conflict with three other smolt farms in Norway, and also a land-based project in Switzerland. Nordic Aquafarms finished the job ahead of the contractor´s schedule and grew enormously on this experience. And yes, there are legal claims coming from this.

Yes, there was a blower fan a very short distance from some homes (significantly closer than in Belfast) that did cause some unexpected noise in the commissioning phase. Dialog with neighbors was pursued and the noise has already been significantly reduced. NAF Fredrikstad continues to work with the neighbors to address any issue or concern they might have. In Belfast, blowers will not be placed in the direction of residential housing, will be of a different make, and will not cause similar problems. The benefits of having done previous projects is that you learn from every one of them – all projects work through commissioning issues. Belfast will benefit from this learning and also highly professional US construction partners.

Important progress and learning are turned into dark stories attacking Nordic Aquafarms again with local Belfast assistance. Great companies are created from solving challenges and moving forward. Anyone who recognizes successful industries are created, will confirm that.

Marianne Naess

Commercial Director

Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Eric Schrader | Aug 30, 2019 06:55

Go ahead Ralph, knock yourself out trying to defend the antics of Lawrence Reichard. Go back and read all of his commentary that has been challenged and disproved. The opposition's train has left the station and it's never coming back, so you need to find another cause, along with Reichard, Ellie Daniels, Donna Broderick and Amy Grant to spend your time on. I know one to keep you busy. How about raising money to buy the Blue Monster building downtown, aka McCrum refrigeration building, tear it down and sell the land. Now that would be productive use of time.

Posted by: Ralph Stanley | Aug 29, 2019 21:26

Good luck on your legal challenge forthcoming.

Posted by: Ralph Stanley | Aug 29, 2019 21:24

What would a connection from this individual Haakon Stang and Lawrence Reichard mean anything to NAF? This appears to be an attempt to Gaslight the community. Where did Reichard mislead the community on the knowledge he obtained regarding NAF's  continued efforts on their own volition to mislead all of us as to what they know and what little they care to share with us. Reichard has had and continues to have a legitimate criticism with this organization. A history of attacking? You wish to criticize an individual based upon a continued history of criticism regarding what you provide to us for our consumption of what is factual? Nothing misleading about this and shame on you for trying to portray individuals within their rights and capabilities to respond to what is clearly gaslighting. "Dark and misleading stories"? WTF? "Camp"? Your attempts to play a divisive game within this community is reprehensible and should not stand unchallenged. Lawrence Reichard or any of us who find your arrogance unacceptable, will stand and challenge.

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