Order Next Year's Firewood Now !

A newly cut tree can be 50%to 80% moisture content depending on the wood species and what time of year the tree is felled.

This means next year's fire wood should be cut now and removed from the forest while the ground is still frozen and it can be removed with minimal disturbance to the environment.

When a tree is felled in winter, the moisture content of the wood will be over 50%, and even higher if it is felled in summer. By splitting the logs and/or cutting them to short lengths the rate at which the wood will dry out is accelerated

Why is seasoned wood important? First the wetter (or greener) the log, the less heat value it has. Think of it as trying to burn water! And secondly burning wet wood is highly polluting and deposits a flammable tarry pitch (creosote) in the chimney, potentially creating a fire risk.

Visit Village Soup's classified section for a list of local wood cutters.

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