Parking ordinance changes look to increase fines

Proposed changes await second reading by City Council
By Ben Holbrook | Jun 27, 2012

Belfast — City Councilors approved the first reading of proposed amendments to the parking ordinance rules within the city, which include increasing fines and allowing for three-hour parking on Saturdays in designated locations.

Before beginning any discussion regarding the parking ordinance amendments a public hearing was held, but no residents spoke in favor or against the changes.

The first change to the parking ordinance rules includes increasing fines for most parking offenses from $5 to $10. Also, a fine of $15 will be assessed for parking too close to or in front of a fire hydrant or improper use of a designated handicapped space.

Fines for parking overnight or parking trailers along the waterfront are $10 beyond one calendar day, and the fine increases to $20 for each additional calendar day.

Parking on nodes, improper parking, parking on loading zones, double-parking, blocking a driveway or parking on the wrong side of the street and other violations not specified within the ordinance all carry a $10 fine.

Any fines for exceeding specified time limitations that are not paid within 30 calendar days will increase to $25, and every subsequent parking ticket issued to the same owner will be $25. If not paid within 30 calendar days those subsequent fines will increase to $50, according to the new parking ordinance rules.

No fine will be assessed for the first violation for any of the specified offenses listed in the parking ordinance rules.

If a vehicle is parked or left standing in violation of the ordinance it can be secured with a boot device or removed by order of the police department. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for any expenses associated with removing the boot device or for removal and storage. The city is not responsible for any damage to vehicles incurred while they are being removed.

All specified time limits for designated and marked areas within the city apply from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday except for at the municipal boat landing. The parking restrictions do not apply on Sundays or legal holidays, the ordinance states.

Parking Restrictions

There is a two-hour parking limit Monday-Friday and a three hour-hour parking limit on Saturday in the following locations:

  • Northerly side of Main Street from number 33 westerly to number 129
  • Southerly side of Main Street from Cross Street to Beaver Street
  • Both sides of High Street from Miller Street to Bridge Street
  • Both sides of Church Street from Miller Street to Main Street
  • South side of Market Street from High Street to Main Street
  • North side of Market Street from Church Street to High Street
  • West side of Washington Street from Main Street to Bridge Street

There is a two-hour parking limit Monday-Friday and three-hour parking limit on Saturday on both sides of Church Street from Market Street to Main Street.

Post Office Square is a designated 30-minute paring zone.

Three-hour parking is available at all marked spaces on the southerly side of Front Street, seven days a week between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. The northerly side of Front Street is unrestricted parking. No motor vehicles or trucks measuring more than 30-feet in length are allowed to park in the Front Street parking lot.

The parking ordinance changes will go before the City Council for a second reading during the  scheduled July 3 meeting.

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