Penobscot Bay-wide protection forming - on Monday May 13th, 5pm  help make it happen!

By Ronald Huber | May 09, 2013
Courtesy of: MDEP Mercury in upper bay tainting lobster claws. Will dredging spread the contamination?

Stella Maris House 148 Broadway, Rockland — Are you a  Penobscot Bay fisherman, paddler or activist? Do you enjoy and want to protect the irreplaceable scenic treasures of your bay's coastal forests and islands?

Got ideas on what needs doing?

On Monday May 13th at 5pm join the Friends of Penobscot Bay at Stella Maris House in Rockland for a strategy session on bringing the full bay protection nto being this year. All are welcome.

As the recent struggle over the DCP giant tank proposal shows, Penobscot Bay is again becoming attractive to big industry. Including those that could  damage the bay's ecosystems and environment,  thus harming the livelihoods of those who sustainably exploit those natural resources, from fishermen, sailors and aquaculturists to resort operators and restaurateurs.

Meanwhile the toxic history of Penobscot Bay is written in the bay's sediments and in hundreds of waste pits, dumps and spill sites, some of which are leaking into our bay and into drinking water. At the same time, dozens of companies and towns are licensed to discharge pollution into the bay, with little if any public oversight.

Friends of Penobscot Bay will pull together the talents skills and resources of the people who care about Maine's biggest bay. Together we can clean up old pollution sites, restore fisheries and fend off inappropriate development , while making sure that  development that does come  fits harmoniously into what's already here

Be involved. When the next big developer wannabee  tries to pit bay town against bay town, fisherman against environmentalists,  we'll be ready for them. Before the addition of another polluter to the bay's “outfall community” tips our bay's water quality balance even further from nature.

It's YOUR bay. Deal with it.

Stella Maris House is located on the corner of Broadway and Route 1 in Rockland.


FMI Contact Friends of Penobscot Bay at 593-2744


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