Penobscot Marine Museum adds Penobscot Bay history online website

Feb 04, 2013

This is the Penobscot Marine Museum's education site, where students, teachers, researchers and other users can learn about maritime history and culture. The site contains:

* Eleven education modules including educators tools and additional resources

* Searchable collection that includes historic photographs and images of manuscripts, paintings, maps, charts, and objects to support student research projects

* Glossary to help understand maritime terminology

* The Journal of Edwin Mitchell, a 16-year-old boy who sailed from Belfast to California and back in 1866.

* The Log of the Coolie Master, by John O. Shaw, Coolie Master.

* The Journal of Margaret Oakes, a Brewer teenager who accompanied her sea captain father, Captain George Oakes, on a voyage in 1880-81.

Now more resources are available online for schools, historians, researchers, and anyone interested in knowing more about the history of our area.

The new website is at For more information about the education programs at the museum, call 548-2529.

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