Pizza and the Electoral College

By Dan Dunkle | Jan 10, 2017

This week, my column in the paper is part one of two on why your vote still counts. It was a big topic and I had to hack some stuff out of it. Writers call this "killing our babies" because, let's face it, we tend to be dramatic.

But I kind of liked the following, so thought I would share it in my blog.

I was talking about the Electoral College with my wife, Christine, at lunch and she helped me come up with a simple way of looking at it.

We are part of a family of four and we usually have friends over for pizza on Friday nights.

So let's say the Dunkles have Mike and Ken over for pizza, and we all vote on the toppings.

Mike and Ken want Hawaiian and the Dunkles want pepperoni.

So the popular vote is 4-2 for pepperoni and it wins.

Over time, the guests get sick of being outvoted by the populace of the Dunkle household, so they devise an Electoral College.

Now each household represented at the pizza party gets one vote.

The four Dunkles vote for pepporoni (one electoral vote), Ken and Mike vote for Hawaiian (two electoral votes).

The electoral vote is 2-1 for Hawaiian, while the popular vote would have been the same 4-2 it was before (one vote for each Dunkle and one vote for Ken and one for Mike).

Here's a sneak peek at this week's On The Line Poll:


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