Plastics accepted for recycling

Jan 10, 2013

Accepted plastics number 1 and numbers 3-7:

Food containers
Yogurt containers
Lids and caps  
Salad dressing containers
Condiment containers
Cleaning products
Kitty litter containers
Five-gallon pails
Butter tubs
Egg containers

Not accepted:

Bubble wrap
Plastic bags
Motor oil containers

Accepted rigid plastics:

Plastic buckets
Milk and soda crates
Laundry baskets
Lawn furniture
Plastic landscape and microwave trays
Plastic toys
Plastic drums
Plastic shelving and closet organizers
Plastic dish drainers
Plastic flowerpots
Plastic traffic signs
Empty garbage cans
Automotive plastics (bumpers, bed liners, grills, hub caps, etc.)

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