Pleasures of spring

By Sarah E. Reynolds | Apr 26, 2019

My mom had a theory that everyone likes best the season in which they were born. I've seen this borne out in a number of cases, though no doubt there are exceptions.

Born in August, I do like summer best, but over the years I have also become very fond of spring, mud and all. The retreat of snow and ice alone is uplifting, but in addition, we get increased -- and growing -- light, a greater variety of birds, some of which are only here for a brief visit on their way somewhere else; and even the birds that are with us all year long are singing different songs.

Goldfinches turn gold again, the male cardinal is resplendent in red. And in time, the hummingbirds are buzzing and sipping their way through the gardens, stopping to refuel at feeders full of sugar water.

The grass starts to get green (and yes, to grow, requiring that the mowers come out), the buds begin to open, and soon there are dozens of different shades of green clothing the trees and the fields. Then flowers start to come out in yards and along roadsides.

Animals become more active and start raising new families. Many years, we have a family of foxes living near our house. It's wonderful fun to watch the kits playing, tumbling over each other, chasing each other around, usually under their mother's watchful eye. The peepers are another treat of spring, with their sound like small bells jingling.

It's not all wonderful -- ticks and mosquitoes and black flies make their reappearance in spring, too. But it's worth it to watch the world return to life, to see iris by the deck and dandelions in the lawn, and feel myself touched by the energy and renewal of the season.

And the sun -- let's not forget the pleasure of long days and the sheer joy of feeling the warmth beat down on you, bareheaded, arms uncovered, finally warm right down to your bones.

Even spring chores carry a certain joy. Washing the outsides of the windows and putting up the screens, cleaning the grill, dusting off the porch furniture and getting it back outside all involve the anticipation of the warm season and outdoor fun. And setting up the hammock is a labor that provides an immediate reward.

It can be hard to keep those beautiful, sunny days in the 60s in mind when April brings days and days of rain, but the moisture fills vernal pools, sustaining salamanders and other creatures of the woods. And it feeds the growing things, crops and flowers and trees.

I like to walk with the dogs in a swampy nature preserve. They don't care how dirty they get, as long as they can run to their hearts' content, and sniff, and dig in the dirt, and sniff and run. They play in the water, chase each other around and come home filthy, tired and very happy. You can see it in their eyes.

Happy spring.

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | May 01, 2019 13:37

...And a Happy Spring to you both! Arizona is really desert and summer most of the year with a few weeks of winter. Imagine! But I do love the weather and walking year round.

Mary "Mickey" (Brown) McKeever +:)

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