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Plenty of fast opening-day action at Wiscasset Speedway

By Lisa Maguire | Apr 22, 2014
Courtesy of: Wiscasset Speedway

Wiscasset — The weather was sunny but cool, the stands were packed and the drivers were ready. It was the perfect opening day Saturday, April 19 at Wiscasset Speedway.

The fans watched as five featured races kicked off the 2014 racing season. On the agenda was the group one lineup of divisions: Pro Stock, Napa Super Street, New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock, Outlaw Minis and the flex race of the week a 25-lap Amsoil Nelcar Legends feature.

A 25-lap Amsoil Nelcar Legends race was action-packed. Fourteen Legend cars hit the track in a heated competition.

Starting in the pole position was Ed Getty. Following him were Alan Smith and Wyatt Alexander.

Off the start Wyatt Alexander sped by Alan Smith to take second and Tylar Braunschweig followed the same line and took third. During lap two, Mathew Bourgoine moved from his eighth-place starting position and passed Braunschweig for third. Reid Lanphier moved up behind Bourgoine during lap four and passed to take third.

The leaders were racing in a pack when a caution was thrown during lap five. On the restart, there was a scramble for position. Coming out of turn three there was bumping and scraping. Ed Getty spun, a few cars were nicked and rookie Ryan Varney barrel-rolled off the track. Varney was able to walk away from the crash despite his car being in pieces. Cars involved in the skirmish were sent to the back of the pack, putting Alexander in first, Bourgoine second and Alan Smith third.

Mathew Bourgoine looked for his chance to pass and his opportunity came in lap seven when he was able to move up the inside and pass Alexander for first.

During lap 14, Bob Weymouth passed Smith on the inside of turn one for third. The pair race neck and neck and Smith was able to pass Weymouth on the inside of turn three and reclaim third.

Lanphier, who had worked his way up the pack after being sent to the back, passed Smith during lap fourteen on the front stretch. Then, during lap 20, Lanphier passed Alexander on the inside of turn one, taking second. Braunschweig then passed Alexander during lap 21 to take third. The top three race leaders sped under the checkered in the same order. Bourgoine placed first, Lanphier second and Braunschweig third.

The spotlighted race of the week was a 40-lap Pro Stock feature. Starting on the pole was Mike Orr. Nick Hinkley and Joe Decker held the second and third spot. When the green flag flew, Orr and Hinkley raced beside each other until Hinkley pulled ahead of Orr on the outside of the back stretch and took first.

Bill Penfold passed Decker and battled Orr for second. Penfold was able to overtake Orr and passed on turn two to take second. Penfold moved up the track and challenged Hinkley for the lead. During lap seven Penfold passed Hinkley on the inside of turn one and became race leader. Hinkley developed mechanical problems and dropped back and Decker took third, while Orr was second.

Matt Sanborn passed Orr on the inside of turn two during lap eight and took third. Then, during lap 11, Decker passed Sanborn for second. Race leaders remained constant until lap 29, when Orr moved to the outside and challenged Sanborn for third. Orr was able to make the pass on the outside of turn three to take third.

Penfold took the win. Decker placed second. Orr took third.

In a quick, straightforward race, nine Napa Super Street cars participated in a 25-lap feature. Starting at the pole was Adam Chadbourne. Behind him were James Osmond and Josh Bailey.

Chadbourne took an early lead off the start, and Bailey and Osmond fought for second. The duo raced head to head, with each passing the other. Bailey pulled ahead of Osmond during lap two on the outside of the back stretch and maintained his lead.

Race leaders remained constant until lap 24. Chadbourne experienced mechanical issues and his car slowed on the back stretch coming out of turn two. Bailey advanced to first and Osmond to second. Bryan Robbins moved up to take third. Chadbourne coasted across the finish line to take fourth.

Bailey placed first. Osmond placed second, and rounding out the top three was Robbins.

Next was a 25-lap New England 4 Cylinder Pro Stock race. Starting at the pole was Jeff Prindall. Dave Patten and Craig Dunn were behind him. Prindall took the lead, and never gave it up.

Dunn spun on the track during lap two and Ryan Hayes took the number three spot. Patten dropped back during lap four and Bob Patten moved up for third and Hayes to second.

There was a caution during lap five and on the restart Bob Patten moved to the inside and passed Hayes on the backstretch for second. Lap seven saw Kamren Knowles pass Hayes for third on the inside of turn one. Dunn advanced up the track and began battling Knowles for third. Dunn moved ahead of Knowles during lap 13.

There was another caution during lap 14. Upon the restart Dunn zipped past Bob Patten and took second. Then, during lap 16 Knowles was able to pass Bob Patten and take third. When the cars flew under the checkered, Prindall was in first. Dunn placed second. Knowles took third.

A 25-lap Outlaw Mini race was last on the program. On the pole was Jimmy Childs. Behind him were Matt Moore and Calvin Rose Jr. The cars roared off the start, and in lap two, Rose passed Moore for second.

A caution during lap three brought about a restart. Off the start there was jockeying for position. In turn one, Rob Greenleaf passed Moore for third. Race leaders Childs and Rose raced nose to nose for the lead. Rose saw an opening on the inside of the back stretch and passed Childs for first.

Zach Audet moved up to challenge Greenleaf for third. Then, during lap five, Audet was able to pass Greenleaf on the outside of the back stretch. There were two cautions during lap eight, and on the second restart, Audet passed Childs on the inside of turn three for second.

Lap 18 saw the next leader change with Mike Mason passing Childs on the outside of turn four to take third. Then during lap 19 things were shaken up when Audet spun on the track. Childs and Moore advanced past Audet. At the finish, Rose was in first. Childs took second. Moore placed third.

The individual results were:

Amsoil Nelcar Legends (25 laps) — 1, Mathew Bourgoine, Newport; 2, Reid Lanphier, Manchester; 3, Tylar Braunschweig, West Newfield; 4, Kevin Girard Jr., no town given; 5, Bob Weymouth, Topsham; 6, Alan Smith, Lincoln; 7, Matt Chagnot, Derry, N.H.; 8, Todd Harrison, town unavailable; 9, Ed Getty, no town given; 10, Eric Williams, no town given; 11, Wyatt Alexander, Ellsworth; 12, Matt Grant, Windham; 13, Terry Kirk, Durham; and 14, Ryan Varney, town unavailable.

Pro Stock (40 laps) — 1, Bill Penfold, Oxford; 2, Joe Decker, Chesterville; 3, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 4, Matt Sanborn, Westbrook; 5, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 6, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 7, Maggie Ferland, Auburn; and 8, Will Collins. Appleton.

Napa Super Street (25 laps) — 1, Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 2, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 3, Bryan Robbins, Montville; 4, Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich; 5, Dan Nessmith, Wiscasset; 6, Craig Robbins, Palermo; 7, Paul Hopkins, Camden; and 8, Kevin Morse, Woolwich.

New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock (25 laps) — 1, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon; 2, Craig Dunn, Strong; 3, Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner; 4, Bob Patten, Westbrook; 5, Dave Patten, Westbrook; 6, Nathan McWilliams, Lewiston; 7, Jerry Bailey, Wiscasset; 8, Cameron Folsom, town available; and 9, Ryan Hayes, town unavailable.

Outlaw Mini (25 laps) — 1, Calvin Rose Jr., Turner; 2, Jimmy Childs, Leeds; 3, Matt Moore, Mechanic Falls; 4, Zach Audet, Skowhegan; 5, Nate Dubuc, no town given; 6, Nate Tribbet, Richmond; 7, Mike Mason, Skowhegan; 8, Rob Greenleaf, West Bath; and 9, Shawn Kimball, Augusta.

Lisa Maguire writes for Wiscasset Speedway.

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