Police arrest Searsmont man shot by trooper last fall

By Ben Holbrook | Aug 20, 2014
Source: File Image Leonard Maker

Searsmont — The Searsmont man who was shot and wounded in the hand in 2013 was arrested again by police after being involved in a domestic violence incident.

Leonard Maker, 43, was charged with violating a protective order and domestic violence terrorizing Aug. 12, following an investigation by Waldo County Sheriff's deputies.

Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton of the Waldo County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to Maker's residence on New England Road in Searsmont at 12:31 a.m. after receiving a call from his domestic partner that Maker was heavily intoxicated and threatening her.

Trafton said Maker threatened to throw his partner through a wall and that the victim stated she was afraid Maker would follow through on the threat.

Police also learned that Maker had an active protective order out of Maryland that prevents him from having contact with the victim. However, Trafton said Maker convinced the victim that because the protective order was from Maryland, the two could still see each other in Maine, which was not true.

Maker was arrested and taken to Waldo County Jail before being transferred to Two Bridges Regional Jail, Trafton said.

In September 2013, Maine State Police Trooper James MacDonald went to Maker's residence on New England Road to serve him with a protection from abuse order, according to previously published reports.

MacDonald and Trooper Desiree Wuthenow discussed a plan for approaching Maker, who was described as being potentially suicidal or assaultive by a Waldo County Sheriff's deputy.

When the two troopers arrived at the Searsmont residence, Wuthenow approached the front door and MacDonald walked to the rear of the residence. Both troopers were dressed in uniform and drove to the residence in marked cruisers.

Wuthenow was able to speak with Maker through a small opening in the front door where a pane of glass previously had been removed. The glass portion of the door was covered with a curtain and Maker moved the curtain aside to speak with Wuthenow, according to a report from the Maine Attorney General's office.

MacDonald explained to Maker that he had multiple warrants for his arrest and he needed to come outside.

After refusing to exit the residence and while still speaking with both troopers at the door, Maker told MacDonald he needed to get a drink of water, the report states.

MacDonald told Maker that he did not want Maker to leave his sight, and that if Maker did not leave the home, the troopers would enter the residence.

Maker left the door and also closed the curtain. MacDonald then attempted to open by the door by kicking it, but encountered difficulty.

Once the door was forced open, MacDonald was immediately confronted in the kitchen area by Maker, who was pointing a shotgun at him. MacDonald described Maker as being close enough that he could have touched the shotgun, the report states.

MacDonald retreated from the kitchen and fired multiple rounds from his .45-caliber handgun in the direction of Maker, according to the report.

Maker was sentenced to two years in prison with all but 57 days suspended on a criminal threatening charge and 30 days in jail for resisting arrest. He was also placed on two years of probation.


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