Police: 'Stone'-throwing, swearing on private beach leads to arrest

By Tanya Mitchell | Aug 22, 2012
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Belfast — A Union woman whom police say trespassed on private property did not take kindly to interventions from citizens or law enforcement and was arrested on several charges Friday night, Aug. 17.

Police arrested Carrie S. Stone, 37, of Union on charges of disorderly conduct, refusing to submit to arrest, assault and criminal trespass following an incident that reportedly occurred on the beach at Crosby Manor Estates on Northport Avenue.

Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden said police were initially alerted to the situation that involved Stone, two other adults and three children at about 6:30 p.m.

"They decided to go down to the beach, but they didn't use a public access way to get to the beach," said McFadden. "Instead, they just drove up into somebody's driveway."

After parking the vehicle in the private drive, McFadden said Stone, her two friends and the children all headed down to the beach.

"While there they proceeded to make a general nuisance of themselves," said McFadden.

Eventually, McFadden said, a man approached the group and asked them all to quiet down and "very nicely" suggested they respect the private property of others and leave the area.

McFadden said Stone did not take the man's suggestion and instead offered some advice of her own.

"He was told by Carrie Stone to go F himself," said McFadden.

In response, the man called police, but McFadden said that did not appear to change Stone's attitude.

McFadden said as officers approached the beach they could hear Stone making a similar obscene comment to one of the males who had come to the beach with her, all in the presence of the three children who were also at the beach.

One of the officers advised Stone to quiet down and refrain from using obscenities, McFadden said, at which time she reportedly, "told him to go F himself." Stone then grabbed a handful of pebbles and tossed them, hitting the officer with some of the small rocks.

At that point, McFadden said, additional officers responded to provide rides home for the other adults and the children. Meanwhile, the officers on the beach talked Stone into walking with them for part of the way back to the cruiser.

Once Stone figured out she was going to be arrested, McFadden said, she did not make that task easy for the officers.

"She dropped to the ground, picked up a handful of rocks and threw them directly at the officers," said McFadden, adding that none of the officers were hurt in the incident.

McFadden said Stone continued to fight the officers, attempting to kick them as they were detaining her, but police were eventually able to get her into the cruiser.

Stone was transported to the Waldo County Jail. None of the other adults involved were charged in the incident.

Stone is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court in Belfast Tuesday, Oct. 2.

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