POLL: Do you favor legislation to dissolve Regional School Unit 20 rather than the individual withdrawal efforts by each town?

Apr 09, 2014

A bill that would dissolve Regional School Unit 20 may be a better option than the town-by-town effort underway in all eight member municipalities, according to a Belfast attorney.

Speaking to councilors Tuesday, April 1, city attorney Kristin Collins said she has “circled” around to the idea of creating legislation that would effectively dissolve RSU 20. She explained the benefit of dissolving the district is that it would take only one vote to allow the towns to leave, as opposed to the piecemeal process of withdrawal.

Which option would you prefer?

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Posted by: Ruth Richards | Apr 09, 2014 19:46

My point is....that takes the validity and reliability out of it.


Posted by: Ruth Richards | Apr 09, 2014 19:24

Just wanted to point out that this survey can be taken over and over and over by the same person in a matter of minutes.  I voted, hit the back button and voted again.

Posted by: mike hurley | Apr 09, 2014 16:22

The interesting results are that the same % are voting yes to withdraw just as the same % voted yes to withdraw in previous ballots. The vast majority want to end this RSU 20 and reform. Yes, a small % do not want to withdraw. But the vast majority, unheard of percentages only seen in elections in North Korea, want to end this and rebuild. The sooner the better.

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