POLL: Do you use all the vacation time allotted to you throughout the year?

Apr 16, 2014
Source: visitingnewengland.com

A large majority of Americans have reported in various national surveys that they do not tend to take all of the paid time off they may be lucky enough to earn at their workplace.

Reasons for that are many, according to a recent article published in The Boston Globe, chief among them being that in a post-recession climate, there is a growing feeling among American workers that taking time off brings a number of risks that some feel are not worth taking. A fear of falling behind in their work and being viewed as an employee who is somehow less committed to the company seemed to be the big ones. Others who work for companies that pay departing employees for unused time off worry that they need to stockpile some of those hours in the event that they find themselves on the unemployment line.

Do you take all the vacation time you have been allotted?

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Posted by: Colette Jadis | Apr 17, 2014 08:16

I used to get some vacation time but as a teacher I would usually use my time for professional development because we got vacation days when the kids had vacation :)  Now I am a part time employee with no sick/vacation days and it makes a BIG difference…no work, no pay!!  Seems like some folks have too much and some have too little or none and then there is a middle ground too…just like 'The Three Bears' :)

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