POLL: Should Belfast establish a performing arts and events center?

May 08, 2014

City officials supported submitting a letter seeking grant funding to begin exploring options for the possible construction of a performance/events center in Belfast in the future.

The city was approached by the Belfast Creative Coalition asking for a letter of support for a $7,000 grant that would pay for a two-and-a-half day community design workshop. The grant is funded through the Citizen's Institute on Rural Design and the workshop would focus on finding “a community consensus regarding an events/civic center.”


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Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | May 09, 2014 11:07

JUST SAY NO! Grant Addiction lures commitment to spend tax payer dollars on wants. They are never free, matching funds and always planned “UN-foreseen’s”, mistakes, hidden costs, over budget. The only grants Belfast Manager, Planner, Economic Director, Parks Director, Harbor Master and City Council should be authorizing is for DIRE NEEDS of residents in infrastructure and schools/education.


Belfast City Hall has built a house of cards instead. The cost to fix the foundation is enormous and ignored. It will get worse and all will be worthless. Again, for the 1,000th request in 4 years to provide sewer infrastructure to residents, I did so again at this meeting. This time with certainty. Pensocola, Fl recently had 5 inches fall in one hour followed by 15 inches within 24 hours. The new normal.


Since approx. 1970, a 2 mile swath from Captain Albert Steven School, The Muck, to incredibly and even more unethically across Rte 1 S&N from the National Guard (and behind) down to Seaview Terrace and Huntress Gardens Apt.all runoff force channeled through ditches and ditches to private property illegally. Belfast City Hall slaughtering with water and relinquishing responsibility. No rights of ways, no easements, not a natural outlet and breaking storm water runoff ordinance. Allowing 15? sites within this swath, to break zoning ordinance conditions to remove plowed snow. Allowing all to melt and force to watershed private property. We are continually flooded and destroyed. Denied basic services that property taxes are mandated to cover first.


"Basic municipal services that are so essential there is not debate in most communities over whether they are needed. they include fire, POLICE and rescue services, trash disposal, ROAD UPKEEP AND UPGRADES, clean water and air, and enforcement of health and safety codes. You should be informed about your property taxes and be active during the decision making process in your community when deciding how you money is spent. These services and other popular local gov't services, such as libraries and recreation are financed mostly with the property taxes that remain after the bills are paid to the school systems and the counties which totaled more than $1.2 billion" Per the Maine Municipal Association.

Joe Slocum. BCM refuses to request a Mitigation Plan with FEMA/Waldo County EMA. Seaview Terrace is a flood plain, flood zone- how could Belfast do this to zones they are ethically bound to DIVERT & PROTECT? Per FEMA on the purpose of Mitigation Plans:

  1. Mitigation creates safer communities by reducing losses of life and property.

  2. Mitigation enables individuals and communities to recover more rapidly from disasters.

  3. Mitigation lessens the financial impact of disasters on individuals, the Treasury, State, local and Tribal communities.

    That 5 inches in one hour will be an avalanche of forced water to a 3 foot diameter culvert into Seaview Terrace and out through another 3 ft culvert under Northport Ave, under the hospital, out to City Park to the bay. Back up will be immediate. Seaview will be under torrent water, a flood plain, flood zone, slaughtered on all 3 sides by Belfast City Planning. Continuing water (rain,melt) ditches 1 mile up and down N&S Rte 1 will flow over, busting culverts underneath and the highway. Same to Northport Ave. Flowing into low lying WCGH (chambers under busting up), Huntress Gardens Apt., Huntress Ave and Fahey St.- also under torrent water flying down to the bay. Class action lawsuits for death and destruction will bankrupt Belfast. It's all documented. Attorney's blueberry pie. And Belfast not even eligible for federal assistance because Joe Slocum refused a Mitigation Plan.

FEMA revised flood zones. Many of you are now in a flood zone. Even though I paid cash, I had to get flood insurance after the corrupt real estate agents sold me undisclosed hell. They should be screaming at City Hall instead of enabling them. My Councilor Mary Mortier is a reality agent. Nice. 2011 my flood insurance was $1600- just got my new policy- $3600. And if I had lapsed in coverage, it would have been 25% higher- $4500. My income is 18K. I used all I had to move here to begin again.  I don't know how Belfast can ignore this and promote a happy, caring small town video. Our Town Belfast, businesses, Chamber of Commerce, committee's of wants and more grants.

Even in this meeting, 5/6- The Hiking, Biking and Pedestrian Committee looking for a 100k+ to improve biking conditions on Upper Main St.- are you kidding me? Chris Hyk had just told us that the school budget will increase our rate to 25mil! I just spoke of the slaughter. City Hall is ruthless to the unworthy residents. Bob Richards, DPW says he needs over a million just to repair the existing roads and almost non-existent infrastructure. Building a new Public Works complex, refitting City buildings with energy efficiency, carbon footprint praise...all for the City... Can't you see? Sign my petition to make them account for 4 years of hidden spending. Then for sure you'll see. It's in a white mailbox on my American Flyer wagon, roadside at 17 Seaview Terrace/Perish or email me laurieallen55@msn.com JUST SAY NO!!!

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