POLL: Should Belfast install security cameras along the harbor walk?

Jun 23, 2014

Belfast city councilors have expressed a desire to discuss the possibility of installing security cameras along the Harbor Walk during a future meeting.

The discussion about the security cameras was addressed by Councilor Mike Hurley who said he supports the installation of the devices, especially in the wake of acts of vandalism that were committed on New Year's Eve.


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Posted by: Dorothy Hiebert Odell | Jun 26, 2014 11:41

I have a few questions. Cost of the cameras? Cost of their maintenance and operation? Are there other good uses for that money? Cost to the community of that uneasy feeling that Big Brother is looking over your shoulder whenever you take a stroll or sit with friends to enjoy the harbor view? What certainty is there that the cameras will actually have much effect on casual vandalism?  Will the new bright walkway lights have to be left on all night to serve the surveillance cams?

These considerations should be balanced against past costs of repairing occasional vandalism, and very likely the cost of adding more and more cameras when vandalism occurs despite the presence of the first batch of cameras!  This is clearly very well-intended but seems excessive to me. The yeas and nays are evenly divided thus far so why don't we wait a while and see how much vandalism actually occurs without cameras, especially now that the entire area has become rather well-lighted by all those newly installed walkway lights.  If vandalism recurs, have a fresh look at possible solutions next year

Scott Odell, Belfast

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