Practical townswomen; captain tough as ever; a hen raid and a horse trade

Dec 25, 2017

Dec. 23, 1854

Old Santa Claus will be at the store of Hiram Chase, day and evening previous to Christmas and New Year. Don't fail to call at 25 Main Street.

Dec. 27, 1861

The Maine Farmer of last week says: Col. Goddard’s Cavalry regiment will be conveyed by steamers from Portland to Annapolis. The regiment is now ready for its departure, and is awaiting the arrival of transports to take them to their destination. They will go from this city to Portland by rail. Col. Dow’s regiment of infantry, the 13th, accompanied by two of the batteries of light artillery will also leave for the seat of war next week. All the companies have been mustered into service. The 14th and 15th regiments, Cols Nickerson and McClusky, with the remaining batteries of artillery, it is expected, will leave in about two weeks.

Almost every paper chronicles the good efforts of the ladies of their localities in behalf of the soldiers. We have not done so. Our townswomen are practical and don’t care about notoriety; but we learn that their activity in this behalf has not abated from the first.

Dec. 27, 1861

Returned from the War – Lt. Col. S. M. Fuller, of the Maine 4th, and Capt. J. L. Havener of the same regiment, arrived at their homes in this place yesterday morning. We learn that Col. F. is in bad health; but Capt. Havener is tough as ever.

Belfast Gas Light Company – Notice is hereby given, that the Annual Meeting of the stockholders of this Company will be held at the office of William H. Burrill, of Belfast, on the third Monday in January next, at two o’clock in the afternoon.

Vest Pocket Edition – The Ball Room Manual, published by H. G. O. Washburn – Price, 75 cts. per dozen, 10 cts. single. Sent by mail, postage prepaid.

Dec. 22, 1892

Mr. E. F. Hanson, manager of the Dana Sarsaparilla Co., has had a telephone line run from the factory to the main telephone office, and to his new residence on Northport avenue.

In the U.S. District Court at Portland last week Charles Walker of Belfast was found not guilty of the charge of violating the internal revenue laws, and was discharged from custody. The witnesses were Seldon and Mrs. Hancock of Burnham, and a hen raid, a horse trade and other matters were involved. Walker denied everything and got the ‘benefit of the doubt.’

Dec. 20, 1894

Concerning local Industries: M.B. Lawrence has in process of manufacture over 7,000 garments, either in his shop or out among the sewing women of this vicinity."

A rope belt has been stretched across Main street from the roof of Geo. T. Read's machine shop to the upper story of the Coliseum, to drive the machinery in M.B. Lawrence's clothing factory. Mr. Read is furnishing power, in addition to that required in his own work, for Mr. Lawrence and E.M. Sanborn, and will connect this week with W.W. Cates' clothing factory over S. Kalish's store.

Dec. 27, 1894

Skating and Iceboating: Not for years has there been a season so favorable for the skater and the ice-boater. For weeks past the muck pond, otherwise known as Kirby Lake, has been resorted to by hundreds, daily and nightly, and other nearby ponds and streams which congealed later have not been neglected. But iceboating has been confined to Quantabacook, where Messrs. F. G. White and Jas. C. Durham own a nice boat on which they and their friends have had fine sport the past week. It is only on the rare occasions when the harbor freezes over that Belfast attains the dignity of a fleet of iceboats; but at Bucksport this is a regular winter sport and Alamoosook pond is the scene of many exciting contests.

Dec. 23, 1948

The Taxi and Bus Ordinance which brought many people out to the council meeting was tabled for further consideration by the council when a group of business men who operate businesses on High Street expressed opposition to the locating of a taxi stand in front of their business establishments. Although no opposition was registered against having buses arriving and departing from the proposed stand, they did object to the entire area being turned over to taxi drivers for twenty-four hour use. Several suggestions were made by the merchants and business men present, but none met with the approval of the council.

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: A Date with Judy starring Wallace Beery, Jane Powell, Elizabeth Taylor, Carmen Miranda, Xavier Cugat and Robert Stack. Top Technicolor Hit of the Year!


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