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By Barbara A. Tilley | Nov 15, 2013
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Barbara A. Tilley


The all you can eat Hunter’s Breakfast sponsored by the Prospect Fire Dept. will be held Nov. 23rd. 4-8:00 AM. Adults $7.00 and Children under 12 $2.00. See you there. A 50-50 will be sold at the door.

Jenn McVeigh has returned from California after spending 2 ½ weeks with her step mother who was very sick but recovering now at home with health care. Jenn however caught a cold and is still under the weather. Take care Jenn, miss seeing your smiling face.

The Historical Society held their last business meeting of the season Monday night, Nov. 11th. Charles Smith of Searsport and his son Cameron were guests and talked about their work in the Genealogy field and locating graves for families and an organization that Charles belongs to. He said it is very interesting hobby and he has found sites that complete the history of many families. Where they are buried and dates and names of children. Then he talked about life in Alaska and how different it was from the rest of the Country. It was a very interesting meeting-thank you Charles and Cameron.

The Historical Christmas Party will be held Dec. 8th. 1:00 PM at the home of Carol and Don Johnson of Spout Hill. Please call Carol at 567-3371 to ask what others are bringing and what you intend to bring.

There are 4 more windows to be “sold “ in the Marsh Schoolhouse. They will be scrapped, primed, puttied and painted, a plaque installed next Spring, indicating to who or whom the window is dedicated to. Storm windows will also be installed next Spring. The cost is $275.00 and it is tax deductible as the Society is 501(3). If you would like to “buy” one, please call Carol at 567-3371 or Dee Terry at 567-3621.

The Town Office will be closed Nov. 28th. and 29th. for the Holidays.

The Trash pickup will be Friday, Nov. 29th. because the Holiday comes on Thursday.

Recycled items will be picked up Thursday Nov. 21st. Have the items by the road at 7:00 AM.

Maddie’s Place will be open on Thanksgiving Day, 7:00 AM-2:00 PM. so you can pick up last minute items or tag your deer. After that they will enjoy the Holiday with their families.

Thank you so much to the people that are supporting the Can and Bottle drive for the Heat Fund. It all adds up and it is the least expensive way of donating to a cause. The fund is growing slowly but with the Community Club donating the $520.00 from the Breakfast and an anonymous donation of $200.00 given to me on Election Day we will be able to give Emergency help for 50 gallons of oil. The only requirement is that you have applied to LHeap and not received it yet, live in Prospect and are out or filling with a 5 gallon can.

Sure hope that all that are eligible, have signed up for LHeap. We have had a few cold days this month but every day it is 40 or more, that is a blessing and have already helped 5 families.

Remember to get your Flu shot. If you are on Medicare, there is no charge but must provide your Medicare number and then your Dr. will be notified if you have it done in another place instead of his Office.

The Prospect Children’s Party is all set. It will be Dec. 14th. 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Will start off with Pizza, soft drink and Ice Cream, then the Children will be able to select an unwrapped gift of slightly used toys and stuffed animals, do a craft( which could be messy) so don’t dress them in fancy clothes. Then the children can go up stairs and select a gift for their parents and it will be wrapped for them. THEN Santa Claus arrives at 1:30 PM and give out wrapped gifts. Linda Gamble has been making mittens for the past month and they will be available to a child who needs them. I also have 2 jackets that have been donated to a child size 18-20 Boys and 18 L for a Girl. Usually we don’t have children come to the Party that these would fit but they are welcome or call me at 567-3267 if your child needs a new jacket if they need one for winter. These jackets are new and were given anonymously to be given to someone really needing them.

Our deck has been busy with all the birds coming to feed. The Gold Finches are feisty and its fun to watch them. Have had Red Winged Black Birds and European Black Birds galore and Blue Jays that think that the deck is their home. Also we have 2 Chipmunks that love to have the birds feed there as they come out and clean up the seeds that fall on the deck. I used to trap them but only thing I trap now is Red Squirrels which I haven’t seen for some time. One chipmunk is quite friendly as I can almost reach out and touch him. I talk to him and he sits there and turns his head like he is listening or sometimes he brazenly sits there and washes up while I’m talking to him. I love our deck.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card of a prayer. If you’re a Hunter, make sure of your target. God Bless you All.

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