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By Barbara A. Tilley | Jan 30, 2014

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Barbara A. Tilley


Welcome to the month of February and to the people that are celebrating a Birthday or an Anniversary this month, wish you a wonderful day and many more in the future.

This month the process of getting people to run for Office’s in the town and the nomination papers are ready to be circulated by people that would like to run for Office. You can pick up the papers at the Town Office and have them back to the Town Clerk by March 6th. the latest. We need a person to fill the slot for School Board for 3 years and the other positions are for one Selectmen and Road Commissioner for 3 years. Town Meeting has been set for March 29th. 9:00 AM and voting for Officer’s will be Friday, March 28th. 10:00 AM. In the Fire Dept. Garage.

The Budget Committee meeting will be held Feb. 11th. 7:00 PM in the Town Office for the purpose of gathering all requests for money from Organizations both Charitable and Businesses.

Donna McNamara of Town was the winner of the Door Prize Gift Basket at the 1st. Anniversary of Maddie’s Place January 25th. and Rick Pagliarini and Terry Harrison were the winners of $20.00 Gift Certificates. Congratulations to all. Even though the weather wasn’t the best that day, Ruth and D.J. said they had a good turnout of regular customers and some new people.

Speaking of weather, many years ago when I was attending the Clark School on the Clark Road (a one room school house) a terrific snow and ice storm came up in the afternoon and the school bus couldn’t make the hill across from the store to go outback to pick us up so arrangements were made with Emery Hall and Charlie Gray that had horses and sleds to pick us up and take us out to the center of town to be met by the bus and our parents. The rain and snow was driving and every once in a while they would slip on the icey roads and that would bring out a screech from us and our teacher, Viola Beckett. But the horses did their job and got us safely to the store, we were cold and wet but what an experience! Don’t know how many people are left in town that shared that ride but there were several of us to go to the store on Emery Hall’s sleigh and the others that lived out on the Clark Road, Hatch Road and the George Road were delivered to their homes by Charlie Gray.

Be on the look- out for Turkeys when coming across Rt. 174 especially by the crest of the hill below Mariam Perry’s as have seen as many as 18 turkeys parading across the road to get to the pines. There have been several near misses and last Sunday, there were 2 that didn’t make it which is dangerous especially when the roads are covered with ice and snow. No turkey is worth your life or crashing your car. Think the State should put up a Turkey Crossing sign like they do for Deer. Just be on alert.

Jenny McVeigh went to Santa Monica, California for 3 weeks to visit with her children and Step Mother, missing all our terrible weather. She said she had a good time out there and enjoyed the 70 degree weather and had planned to do some exploring to the Grand Canyon but that didn’t happen as she stubbed her big toe on the leg of the bed and broke it. She came into the Dining Room Weds. limping still but did enjoy sitting in the recliner with her Grandchildren. Glad it wasn’t any worse, Jenn.

Jay Webster brought in an envelope with $120.00 from a collection that a group of hunter’s collected in memory of his Father, Raymond Webster, Sr. Most of the hunter’s come from Massachusetts and the rest from town every year to get their big Buck and Raymond was always there with them and used to support a Big Buck contest with a trophy but now the collection is given to the Prospect Community Club to be given to a deserving Prospect student in a Scholarship payable in their second semester of college or trade school. The Club sells tickets on a Christmas Box in Dec. and then adds money from the treasury to make it a $300.00 Scholarship given in Raymond’s memory. Thank you so much to the Hunter’s and I feel that they are pleased as to how their donation is being used.

The Prospect Fire Dept. will be holding their monthly meeting, Feb. 3rd, 6:00 PM at the Fire House. The Media is reporting on the shortage of Volunteer Fire Fighters and that is the case in this town. Right now, Fire Chief Tim Terry has a fairly good group but could always use more. The need is great.

Remember to get your nomination papers out, signed by registered voters and returned to Jill at the Town Office before March 6th.

All of the stores are loaded with Chocolate, gifts and cards for Valentines Day, Feb.14th. Don’t forget!!

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. Be very careful on the ice. God Bless you all.

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