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By Barbara A. Tilley | Feb 21, 2014

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Barbara A. Tilley


They say that Spring isn’t too far away-believe it? I’m not going to buy a Farmers Almanac again as it tells me that next month won’t be much better.

Have to correct some omissions from article about Elwin and Gloria Boynton’s 50th. Wedding Anniversary party held Feb. 2nd., 3 people names were left out. Gloria’s sister, Arline, husband Brian Lamarche and their daughter Taylor were there and also Tucker Boynton, son of Chuckie and Heather Boynton also attended. Sorry guys.

World Day of Prayer will be March 7th. Starting at 11 AM. At St. Vincent de Paul church hall in Bucksport with women of WDP from Egypt followed by lunch. If you want to attend please RSVP by calling Jacquelyn Hart, 567-3154 or 469-9979. Several churches are working together from Searsport, Stockton Springs and Bucksport area to get the day organized and to celebrate World Day of Prayer.

The Prospect Town Office will be open on Monday, March 17th. 10-5 so people will be able to return their petitions. Normally the Office is closed on Monday but for this reason , Deputy Town Clerk, Ashley Bowden will be there to receive the petitions.

The Prospect Community Club will be meeting for the first meeting of the year on March 13th. 7:00 PM in the dining room. Nominations for Officer’s will be given and this will be an important meeting as the Club really needs help. We have stivered along for several years getting the help necessary to work on the suppers, which is our major fund raiser so we can help the Town with various projects but this year will be even harder as medical reasons have shrunk the pool of people able to work on the suppers. I am not running for President this year and will have to limit my time working on projects. I will be nominating Linda Gamble for President and everyone that knows her, realize that she is a hard worker. Jen McVeigh will be having a knee replacement March 24th. So she will not be able to work until mid-summer and we need at least 9 people to work on the suppers. It would require 3 hours once a month, the second Saturday from 3:30-6:30 PM. Students in High School can also use the 3 hours each month for their Community Service program. Please consider volunteering and let us know what months you could work. We are fortunate to have Denise Norman who works on every supper, waiting on tables, Linda Gamble and Sue Warren of town and Roberta Thompson of Swansville are the other waitresses. Mainly we need kitchen help as it takes 4-5 people for there. Using the Dixie plates really helps and we also have an electric dishwasher so its not as busy as it used to be. We also would gladly accept donations of casseroles, rolls and pies. We have the reputation of a “wicked good supper” and hope to keep it that way. We have been fortunate in having people donate food and it really is appreciated for without that, we would have to increase our price for admission. After the meeting next month, I will let you know what admission will be.

Also looking for help is Diane Terry with the 220th. year Birthday Party for Prospect this year. Actually, Prospect is 220 years old this month but due to schedules and etc. the party will be held in Oct. Diane’s phone number is 567-3621. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. God Bless you all.

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