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By Barbara A. Tilley | Mar 13, 2014

Prospect News

Barbara A. Tilley


So far not much snow here today but have about of 1” of icey snow which makes for slippery driving so I canceled the meeting tonight of the Prospect Community meeting and have set it up for Sunday night, March 16th. 7:00 in the dining room.

Want to extend a Happy 50th. Wedding Anniversary to Tim and Diane Terry, March 14th. Tim is our Fire Chief and Diane is one of the three Selectmen here in Town. Wish you both many more years and Thank You for showing that marriage can be long lasting. (Paul and I will be celebrating our 50th. this year also, Oct. 31st. Trick or Treat.)

The Trustees and Librarians of The Buck Memorial Library in Bucksport, Maine, invite all to a series of “Gatherings” on the early History of the area. They will be held from2:00-3:30 PM, the second Tuesday of the month of April 8th. to October 14th. The first series will be about Newspapers , their place in Historical Research. Each month I will notify you of the Theme. This is open to people from Bucksport, Orland, Verona Island, Prospect and surrounding areas. June 10th. the subject will be Historical Societies and in Aug. 12th. the subject will be Cemeteries. Each series will have 2 or 3 speakers, so it should be an interesting summer of learning.

Election of Town Officials will take place March 28th. 10:00 AM-8:00 PM in the Town Office and the next day, March 29th. the Town Meeting will be held in the Fire Dept. garage starting at 9:00 AM, sharp.

Most of you know that we now have another dog-a Blonde Labrador Retriever, 4 years old and she has received a lot of training but still needs more. She likes to explore in the back field and beyond so I will use a shock collar for awhile. I don’t want to, but it is necessary. We took her to the Vet Tuesday to get her Booster for Lyme. She was so scared that she trembled and her teeth actually started to chatter. The history of her care came with her and it was a big file. It seems she had been to the Vets a lot and had received different medications but we told the Vet we didn’t think she needed them and they agreed. Hopefully her next trip will be better for her. I took her to be groomed the next day and she was fine. Probably the smells were different.

After Town Meeting is over and the start of April will see a lot of Activity starting up about the 220th. Birthday of Prospect and the Events planned. Diane Terry is heading up the Committee and looking for Volunteer’s to help.

Have you ever wondered what the posts are for that stick out of the Marsh on the right side of the bridge? Some may think there was a bridge there but they would be wrong. The poles are called “straddles” and they held the salt hay and seaweed above the flood tides. In earlier times, the cows would have free range of the salt hay and seaweed and over time that was changed. Many farmers in town had a right of way to the Marsh for the purpose of harvesting the hay and seaweed for winter storage for their animals and also for mulch in their gardens. They did not have to live adjoining the Marsh so even farmers from out back of town also had access to the Marsh.

Spring starts next Thursday and sure hope that Mother Nature will stop sending snow. Enough is enough. This has been such a hard winter on everyone and we need a break. With Heating Oil prices so high, along with gas prices high, its hard to imagine what people have left from their checks to live on. Yes, we are hardy New Englanders and Yankee thrift but what is left to live on? I would like to see the Politicians live on what the people do and survive.

I can’t understand if the United States have such a surplus of Oil in the country-why are gas prices so high? Bet your Bippie that the Oil Companies will have record profits this year in their filing with the public.

I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week-drive slow on the roads and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. God Bless you.

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